Move on to SugarCRM from your previous system with our SugarCRM Migration services. As Official SugarCRM Partners, we use the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

SugarCRM - Best Open Source CRM

Personalization is all the rage these days and for all the right reasons. Customers today demand an experience that is tailored to their needs and an out of the box CRM software, therefore, does not suffice. In an attempt to drive their business growth, companies are opting for open source CRM platforms to resonate with their audience because of the added flexibility and scalability. SugarCRM is the best open source CRM platform in the market with more than a million active users across 100+ countries. Having been in the market for roughly a decade, SugarCRM has carved a strong place for itself thanks to the high level of SugarCRM Customisation and SugarCRM Integration it provides. It gives users a holistic view of numerous metrics and insights to help drive sales, marketing, and support from a single platform, providing businesses, both small and large, with features they would otherwise not be able to afford. With SugarCRM Migration, businesses have managed to exponentially increase their productivity and efficiency.

Our SugarCRM Migration Methodology

Moving from one CRM to another is a tricky exercise and requires proper mapping and planning beforehand. Our Certified Sugar Experts are seasoned in the SugarCRM landscape and understand how to leverage it for maximum productivity when it comes to SugarCRM Migration. By carefully understanding your business needs and requirements, they chalk out a strategy to migrate your business processes on to SugarCRM in a way that is safe, secure, and scalable. We use industry leading ETL tools to make your Migration a seamless affair.

Our data migration processes is structured below:

Field Mapping -> Data Deduplication -> Migration -> Data Security Protocols -> Data Integrity

Data Migration requests are getting increasingly common as companies realize the benefits of open source CRM platforms. In the 11+ years it has been in the industry, RT Labs has migrated several businesses onto SugarCRM from a variety of different platforms and have done so in a manner that is sound and reliable, and thus, helped these companies prepare for the future.

Why RT Labs?

SugarCRM Data Migration is an elaborate process that demands experience and expertise. RT Labs is perfectly placed to ensure that your SugarCRM Data Migration is a complete success. Our CRM development team puts proper emphasis on understanding your current implementation in order to foresee limitations and tackles them proactively. We also provide Support services and use efficient CRM Maintenance techniques to keep you secure once your migration is successful.

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