Salesforce Cloud Solutions

The Salesforce Cloud Solutions comprise several types of cloud services, each with its own unique features and functionalities. Together, they make the Salesforce Cloud a versatile CRM solution platform.

Salesforce Service Cloud

The Service cloud generally exists to help vendors serve their clients better. From understanding customer requirements and anticipating their needs to handling their concerns, the service cloud is a comprehensive solution to all customer-related issues.

For customer service, the agent workspace tool makes functionalities like keyboard shortcuts, macros, and ready to use templates to keep vendors in touch with their client’s needs. The case management feature gives users full access to every little detail about the vendor and helps streamline the process of handling leads and opportunities by resolving issues efficiently. The knowledge management database helps agents resolve queries even quicker. On top of that, users can customise their pipeline using drag-and-drop functionality.

Another useful feature that the Salesforce Service Cloud has is the ability to match a case with respect to the particular vendor best suited to serve the needs of the client. The Service Analytics tool allows pre-built dashboards and apps to make the process of dealing with a client much easier. It also incorporates AI to predict or infer the point to which a particular lead might go.

Other salient features include telephony integration, macro automation, asset and order management, as well as self-service and digital channels in order to make customers feel empowered enough to resolve any basic issues on their own.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud helps vendors build lasting relationships with their clients. It enables the finance, marketing, sales, billing, and service teams together to help every single customer navigate their experience.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud gives its users an overview of all the data in the pipeline and continues to monitor that data as it moves forward. This streamlines the sales process and increases output and efficiency. The Sales Cloud also enables members from various roles within the organization to get a CRM solution tailored to their very role within the organization.

While the Account and Contact Management module allows users to view the activities of all the customers when it comes to communication and social media, the Opportunity Management module allows users to follow the progress of all stages, products, quotes, and much more. Similarly, the Lead Management module displays the status of a lead from when it is first noted, all the way to its completion.

Other salient features of the Sales Cloud include the mobile version’s availability, the use of the drag-and-drop feature of Visual Workflow, and easy file sync and share, all to increase the ease with which the business processes are carried out.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables users to communicate with their clients in just the right way to push for better customer relations. It allows vendors to gain insight from customer data and leverage Einstein AI to interpret and respond to customer interaction in a way that eases the business operations for the users. The effectiveness of a business’s marketing strategy can also be measured by the cloud using AI as well as Google Analytics. The entire communication with the clients can be shaped according to the nature of the clients, be it a B2B or a B2C lead.

Some important features of the cloud include:

Journey Builder: A platform which creates journeys that are taken to fulfil various client needs as the journey progresses from one stage to the next
Audience Studio: Captures data from all channels and segments the customer types accordingly in order to deliver a more personalized experience to each customer
Social Studio: Allows users to interact with their clients across various social media platforms and gather intelligence from discussions on public forums
Datorama: Allows you to gather all your marketing based data in one place to analyse it better and gain new insights
Pardot: The B2B marketing automation tool helps users reduce manual work to speed up sales such as automatically sending emails and triggering marketing tasks
Interaction Studio: Users can manage in real-time, their interactions with customers, including guidance along their requisite path as well as consistent messages across all channels of communication, including offline ones.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The commerce cloud is a platform that offers its users comprehensive e-commerce solutions. The ultimate goal is to streamline the user experience across multiple platforms.

The B2C commerce platform allows consumers to connect anywhere, complete with a mobile version. The customers are left with positive experiences due to features like optimized checkouts, helpful social media presence, and better-equipped customer service teams. Users also get access to digital inventory to conduct business remotely and connect with the service cloud to ensure a streamlined operation across different cloud services.

The B2B platform ensures optimization of daily B2B functions, resolution of e-commerce issues faced by businesses, leading to features like fast reorders, account hierarchies, and custom catalogues. Sales teams can be given real-time customer data in order to strategize accordingly. Additionally, customer data can be incorporated in the CRM to tailor the customer service solution according to the client. The e-commerce website can also be tailored with respect to various industry verticals.

The order management system is an easy way to navigate the sales process from managing the workflow to delivering complex orders, to accepting automatic payments. Since the system is cloud-based, it is accessible from anywhere and can be tailored to the needs of the user.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a platform where customers, vendors, and partners all engage with each other to create meaningful interactions. The community cloud is the ultimate place to resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction, thereby ensuring customer retention. The account portal gives users access to articles and the ability to manage their accounts.

The cloud allows users to link data from multiple sources and use this information to build tailored CRM experiences for clients. The Lightning community is also available via the mobile app which helps users stay in touch with clients from anywhere.

Not only are the customers well-connected to the vendors, but partners are also well connected with each other using the Salesforce Community Cloud. The cloud enables easy data sharing with fellow partners, including information on leads, opportunities, and contacts. Relevant actions can be taken in the cloud, such as the conversion of leads into opportunities. At the same time, customisable dashboards can also be shared between partners on the cloud.

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