Salesforce Pricing

The Salesforce pricing plans are thoroughly comprehensive and detail-oriented. With a four-tier division, the salesforce pricing model becomes fairly easy to understand and leads to the users choosing the best possible plan, tailored according to their needs. The license cost is listed in terms of the per user per month subscription for each of the clouds within the Salesforce pricing model.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

One of the services Salesforce offers is the Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud is the basic CRM tool needed for actions like client management and lead tracking. The Salesforce CRM pricing is divided into the following four tiers:

1. Salesforce Essentials – $25:

Salesforce Essentials include top features like Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity Management, integration with emails as well as the Salesforce Mobile Application. These form the basis of CRM functionalities that are needed to help you begin.

2. Lightning Professional – $75:

The Lightning Professional version includes some additional features on top of the essential features such as the Lead Registration and Rules-Based Leads Scoring as well as Collaborative Forecasting, which predicts and plans the sales cycle. It also contains the Sales Console App and the Mobile Forecasting App to manage sales remotely. This added functionality serves to improve your operations and ensure smooth running.

3. Lightning Enterprise – $150:

Lightning Enterprise, one of the most popular Salesforce Pricing models, adds the further ease of Workflow and Approval Automation, which automatically carries out standard internal business processes as well as approvals. It also comes with a custom mode brought about by API integrations as well as territory management and collaborative forecasting. 

4. Lightning Unlimited – $300:

The best and most well-equipped Salesforce pricing model is the Lightning Unlimited Tier. It includes 24/7 Support and Configuration Services where you can gather the best possible advice and practices from skilled professionals. Not only that, but the package also offers full Sandbox components for free, therefore allowing users to test and code in separate environments, resulting in no operational challenges. Coupled with that, the developer pro sandbox included can hold much larger databases. As the name suggests, Lightning Unlimited offers unlimited business processes, profile configuration, and page layouts.

Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Service Cloud offers customers a personalized experience. It offers online customer service on any device and allows for the integration of all the customer service data into the other Salesforce clouds. As with the Sales Cloud, the Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing is also four-tiered:

1. Salesforce Essentials – $25:

One of the standout features of Salesforce Essentials is Case Management, where the entire lifecycle of the case is managed from a single system. This includes functionalities like automatic creation of cases from web or email, auto-response to emails, and automatic routing of cases to respective queues. Salesforce essentials also include other features such as cross-company collaboration, customizable reports, and a mobile app.

2. Lightning Professional – $75:

In addition to the Salesforce Essentials features, the Professional version includes Service Contracts and Entitlements, Developer Sandbox, asset, and order management. Lightning Professional also has salient features such as a Read-only Knowledge-base, Case Milestone tracker, and CTI Integration.

3. Lightning Enterprise – $150:

Lightning Enterprise takes the experience one step further by connecting external systems and data to Salesforce using web services API. Other features like approval automation, offline access, advanced case management, and advanced reporting help push for a better experience.

4. Lightning Unlimited – $300:

In addition to the features present in other packages, Lightning Unlimited comes with 24/7 support and configuration services. Lightning Unlimited includes a comprehensive 360-degree view of all your CRM operations. Several other important features like Salesforce developer support, configuration services, full Sandbox, and access to Premier Success Resources are also available.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a means of obtaining a complete understanding of your customer’s needs. The aim is to stay in touch with the customers and use the Marketing Cloud to promote the latest products and services. Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing also comes in a range of packages. Companies are able to choose the package of their choice according to their essential requirements:

1. Email, Mobile and Web Marketing

This particular package can be used to meet all your email, web, or mobile operation needs. The pricing is further categorized with respect to functionality:

    • Basic Edition – $400: The basic edition allows for personalized promotional email marketing, coupled with easy content creation and integration with other Salesforce cloud services. It also contains mobile-optimized templates, Subscriber profiles as well as Contact Management and workflows. 
    • Pro Edition – $1250: This edition goes on to include automation studio, triggered communication, and allows access to personalization builder. Furthermore, it includes automated workflows and web and mobile analytics.
    • Corporate Edition – $3750: On top of all the Pro functionalities, the Corporate Edition also consists of a Journey builder that can be tailored according to each customer’s journey and automatically trigger relevant actions. One salient feature that comes with the Corporate Edition is the inclusion of Salesforce Einstein, which can lead to better user experience with the inclusion of AI in business processes.
    • Enterprise Edition – Request A Quote: The Salesforce Enterprise Edition is the ultimate edition that addresses all your mobile, web, and email marketing needs. Apart from the features mentioned before, Enterprise Edition brings with itself the capacity to manage multiple businesses, allowing for real-time big data segmentation and customizing roles and permissions.

2. Pardot B2B Market Automation

The Pardot B2B Market Automation package allows sales and marketing teams to nurture and close the best leads, most efficiently. The Pardot package also comes in further editions:

    • Growth – $1250: The Growth Edition ensures a good flow of Lead Generation, Qualification, and Management. It also includes the creation of personalized emails to accommodate your taste. Also, Market and Sales Intelligence identify the leads with the best potential.
    • Plus – $2500: Plus includes Advanced Analytics and Reporting, with insights related to the data used to enhance marketing operations.
    • Advanced – $4000: The Advanced Edition includes the above-mentioned features and additionally, tailors marketing automation efforts according to the customer’s needs. It also employs Artificial Intelligence to enhance Marketing and Sales via Salesforce Einstein.

3. Social Studio Pricing

The Social Studio Pricing package is the ultimate social media marketing and management suite and allows useful social media data to be used effectively for marketing and sales. The Social Studio pricing also comes in the following editions:

    • Basic – $1000: The Basic edition consists of two social accounts, 20K monthly mentions, and other features like integration with other Salesforce CRM clouds, Community Engagement, and Management Tools for major social media networks.
    • Pro – $4000: The Pro edition includes 10 social accounts, 250K monthly mentions, as well as all the other features that the Basic Edition has to offer, plus a Third-Party App Partner Access
    • Corporate – $12000: The addition of 20 social accounts and 1.5M monthly mentions makes the Corporate Edition go one step further.
    • Enterprise – $40,000: Enterprise goes further to offer 20+ social accounts and an unlimited number of monthly mentions and is the edition of choice for large, multinational corporations.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Pricing

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a must-have to ensure a smooth online purchasing experience for the target customers. It has rapidly become the e-commerce platform of choice for several multinational conglomerates. As far as the pricing is concerned, Salesforce employs a GMV system, which is a certain percentage of Gross Merchandise.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes in two versions: B2C and B2B. If the requirement is for a consumer-facing business, B2C commerce is the best choice. B2C commerce includes features like mobile-responsive design, merchandising and marketing tools, one-touch payments, and customer segmentation. 

The B2B commerce caters to enterprise-level complexities and allows for efficient B2B operations. The pricing is guided by customer and segment specifications and includes other features such as multiple payment methods, single-order multiple shipping locations, and real-time reporting. 

The pricing for various editions within the B2B and B2C Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be made available through a custom quote.

Salesforce Platform Pricing

Salesforce Platform allows for business processes to be automated and integrated with external applications and tailored according to the customer requirements. To do so, it requires developers to build and deploy cloud applications according to specified needs. The Platform pricing comes in two editions with the following features:

1. Platform Starter – $25:

    • Customizable apps
    • Process Automation
    • Task and event tracking
    • Custom app builder for Lightning Platform
    • Customizable reports and dashboards
    • Account and contact management 
    • Single sign-in for easy connectivity

2. Platform Plus – $100:

    • Custom app developer
    • Lightning Console
    • Custom app builder for Lightning Platform
    • Real-time API integration
    • Customizable reports and dashboard
    • Task and event tracking

Heroku Pricing

Heroku is fully integrated into Salesforce as a service. It allows for greater customization and tailoring by offering further app development features. It also comes in three editions:

  1. Hobby – $7
  2. Professional – $4000
  3. Enterprise – $40,000

The features offered by the Heroku Platform include:

  • Collaborative app development 
  • Easy data sync with Heroku Connect
  • Add-ons on apps via Heroku Elements
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliance
  • Resource Utilization Management
  • Build Global Production Applications

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is the ultimate community support that you need for a smooth CRM experience. The Salesforce Community Cloud comes in three basic versions:

1.Self-Service: The self-service version allows you to stay in touch with your customers, access information, and provide help to the customers. It allows for efficient resolution of customer complaints and makes way for a seamless customer service relationship. The pricing of the package is dependant upon the edition of choice:

    • Customer Community – $2/login or $5/member
    • Customer Community Plus – $6/login or $15/membe

2. Partner Relationship Management: This package is meant for the indirect sales teams such as resellers, brokers, or distributors. This allows for easy contact and sharing of information with them. The pricing for Partner Relationship Management is $10/login or $25/member.

3. External Apps: The integration of external apps into existing Salesforce clouds helps your business grow further. It can also help increase employee productivity and engagement. The pricing of the external apps package is $15/login or $35/member.

Salesforce Lightning Pricing

Salesforce Lightning is the ultimate means to boost your customer relationship management. The Lightning platform makes it easier to build apps, customize user interfaces, and integrate with third-party applications. The Salesforce Lightning Platform comes in three editions:

  1. Lightning Platform Starter: Includes an app builder, third-party integration, 10 custom objects as well as Lightning flow automation.
  2. Lightning Platform Plus: More advanced than Lightning Starter, Lightning Plus comes with 110 custom objects, the Lightning Console as well as customizable reports.
  3. Lightning Platform Unlimited: With a full sandbox, 2000 custom objects, salesforce connect, and above mentioned Lightning Plus features, Lightning Unlimited offers the best solution available for smooth business operations.