SugarCRM Customisation

All business in the world has a unique model and the default SugarCRM may not yield optimal results for each and every Sugar user. However, you can take comfort in the fact that SugarCRM is highly customisable and can be aligned to the size, processes, and operations of your unique business. With that in mind, we at RT Labs make sure that your SugarCRM is tailored to match all your business requirements.

SugarCRM Customisation Services

RT Labs is powered by a team of SugarCRM Experts who can transform your business with SugarCRM Customisation. There is no one size fits all scenario in the CRM market. The standard SugarCRM is capable of managing a range of tasks but to truly harness its power, you need to customise it to suit your exact business needs and requirements. A business cannot adequately manage its processes without workflows, reports, and other CRM tools that have been customised to cater to that particular business. 

Leveraging years of experience in CRM, our SugarCRM developers know the SugarCRM architecture inside out and can help you customise and integrate your CRM in a number of different ways for maximum optimization and sustainable growth.

SugarCRM Custom Modules

The standard SugarCRM only has limited modules but these can be increased depending upon your business requirements through SugarCRM Customisation. Our Sugar developers can create custom modules and incorporate custom relationships across the board to ensure your modules are aligned perfectly to your business needs. Sugar provides a module builder that you can use to build simple modules on your own too, but for complex modules that require logic hooks, you need the assistance of Certified Sugar developers. 

Let’s start your SugarCRM Custom Module Development!

SugarCRM Custom Reports

Utilize the extensive data in your SugarCRM with custom reports to analyse your business on a granular level. Every business has unique performance metrics and indicators that need to be analysed periodically. The default SugarCRM reports cannot fully capture the complexity of customised business processes and as a consequence, that emphasizes the need for custom reports that are dynamic in nature and come packed with features that can provide meaningful insights from the data. Our SugarCRM developers can create custom and advanced reports for your SugarCRM based on custom data sets and SQL statements.

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SugarCRM Custom Themes

Just like your email, browser, and desktop, your SugarCRM also deserves a custom theme that makes this Customer Relationship Management system truly your own. The standard SugarCRM themes are great, but not the right fit for businesses and organizations. Add a touch of your brand to your Sugar instance and make the interface all the more appealing. RT Labs has a team of creative SugarCRM developers that can design some amazing custom themes for your Sugar.

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SugarCRM Calendar Customisation

The calendar consolidates all the different tasks in one place. Our SugarCRM developers can customise the default Sugar Calendar to do much more than just that. A lot of different industries have different use case scenarios and with just the right amount of SugarCRM Calendar Customisation, they can modify their calendar for maximum productivity. We at RT Labs have enhanced the capabilities of the Sugar Calendar to help managers oversee their subordinates, hotels manage their booking slots, and users view their calendars based on access control. Since SugarCRM is open source, the possibilities are endless. Tell us what you’re looking for and our Sugar experts will take it from there. 

Let’s start your SugarCRM Calendar Customisation! 

SugarCRM Workflow Customisation

Large organisations often need to automate a degree of their day-to-day processes to ensure maximum optimization and productivity. This is where custom workflows come in. Customised SugarCRM workflows automate a process and take it from initiation to completion without any human interference whatsoever. Configuring the workflow to properly execute itself in line with your business logic, logic hooks, and calls to third-party applications is where things get tricky. Lucky for you, our SugarCRM developers have created workflows for a multitude of businesses and can set up highly customised SugarCRM workflows that meet your exact needs.

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Our Competence

RT Labs is a dynamic SugarCRM Partner firm with substantial experience in the CRM Market. Our command on the SugarCRM platform gives us the technical expertise to deliver any SugarCRM Customisation and our agile methodologies and Support services ensure that the solution provided is sustainable and scalable. Our team of SugarCRM experts takes pride in its vast experience in

  • Building and implementing new functionalities in SugarCRM
  • SugarCRM integration with other systems
  • Creating custom workflows/processes
  • Data migration

We use the Sugar system’s functionality to build optimal solutions and augment your system with unique features. For example, we have worked with;

  • Module builder to create new functionalities and entities.
  • Workflow manager to automate business processes.
  • Studio to create new layouts and customise data fields.

We ensure that our best-of-breed upgrade safe SugarCRM customisation aligns your overall business strategy and helps you with a range of customer-centric challenges such as sales productivity, marketing effectiveness, customer service and much more.