AWS Cloud Application Development

AWS gives you a perfect environment to start developing cloud applications. Due to the scalable compute capacity available, it has no trouble handling any workload you can throw at it. The object storage available in S3 also makes containing resources easy and accessible when the need arises. Using AWS, you can deploy cloud applications at a much higher rate than before, with both development and hosting.

Why the AWS Cloud?

Being on the cloud means that application development can take place from any location. This means you can now solely focus on how you are going about the development. If you were to adopt AWS DevOps on top of this, you can increase the speed of development drastically. The AWS cloud utilises many tools to make sure the best practices are reached sooner. For example, you could use AWS Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk to develop products and services faster to grow your business.

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The Benefits of Cloud Application Development

cost saving

Cost Saving

Amazon Web Services usage is priced in such a way that you are only charged as per your usage. This means that you immediately gain access to an entire set of features ready to use, but you do not have to use every single one. Applications can then be made freely with this mentality of only using what you need to and hence increase velocity.

global use

Global Use

Having a robust cloud solution makes it easier to enter the global market. AWS Backups of your work are ready in case any issues arise, making applications ready to be deployed around the world. AWS has an expansive reach with low latency due to the number of availability zones in 24 geographic regions. This makes it the largest cloud infrastructure available and allows for secure and quick cloud application deployment.

quick market entry

Quick Market Entry

WBeing the first to market is almost guaranteed success, and on AWS these applications can be created in minutes. Tools AWS CodeDeploy and AWS OpsWorks make this possible without having to develop for weeks on end. Making new services available to the market is a huge feat, but doing it first will take you further.

secure infrastructure

Secure Infrastructure

Both RT Labs and AWS are well aware of the importance security has for an organisation. AWS has security measures built-in directly in their infrastructure, as well as security services. AWS Machine learning and artificial intelligence are utilized to keep vulnerabilities of your system in check. These are very critical processes for organizations, especially firms that value security like banks. The infrastructure is constantly monitored at any given moment to meet the most strict requirements.

Our Expertise

With the expertise that we have accumulated on AWS Cloud, we are well equipped to handle all types of custom applications. However you want your application to function, we can achieve it using the tools that are available via AWS. The certifications that we have to show for it are currently AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect. These enable us to understand workflows that can only be achieved on AWS.