Salesforce Integration

If you are wondering how you can make your Salesforce perform even better, then one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is to integrate it with the applications that you are using already. By integrating your apps you can achieve tangible improvements in almost every area of your business, all the way from productivity to collaborations to marketing and so on.

Google Cloud

G Suite can be your secret for streamlining the workflow of your team and improving their productivity. You can sync G Suite by Google Cloud with Salesforce to achieve your objectives.


Another commonly used office application is Slack, which keeps the entire workforce connected and allows quick transmission of messages. By integrating Slack with Salesforce you can further improve team collaboration and thereby productivity.


This app has gained a lot of popularity for being instrumental in increasing sales. The benefit that you stand to gain by integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce is primarily generating more accurate financial data. It will inevitably lead to better planning and strategizing, eventually leading to even higher sales.


MailChimp is the business-friendly option of managing email lists and records of all suppliers and customer contacts. Through the integration of this app with Salesforce you will get more harmony and smoother business operations.


This is the platform that, when integrated with Salesforce, will bring you better targeting and engagement of buyers. You will save time and improve results at the same time.


This is an app with a relatively newer trend of being a favourite for businesses but if you are already using this app then integrate DocuSign with Salesforce and sign, send and track your agreements and approvals much faster and more efficiently on any device.


If monitoring your projects is half the job for you or your higher management to ensure that your business targets are being achieved then integrating JIRA with Salesforce is what is recommended for your business.


Similar to the DocuSign integration above, Hello Sign is your application of choice for processing and preparing as well as tracking your e-signed documents then integrating this with Salesforce will also get you the needed kick of efficiency and improvement.


If you are in the business of building consumer applications, then integrating CodeScience with Salesforce will bring you the ability to do so at a lightning-fast speed while ensuring minimum errors.


Connect this app with Salesforce to improve productivity on both channels. You will not only get to quickly identify and nurture your sales leads throughout the sales cycle, but you will also be able to do so by including and leveraging industry-leading information.


This app is now in use by almost every company on the planet that operates from more than one location. The advantages of Dropbox are huge when it comes to keeping business files up to date and organized. By integrating Dropbox and Salesforce you will get to have all these benefits interlinked to other areas of your business, promising hassle-free work without fear of losing out important business data and information otherwise.

And Much More!

The Salesforce Integration mentioned above do not form an exhaustive list. RT Labs prides itself on its ability to leverage its team of expert developers to help you tailor your CRM according to your specific business needs. We also provide Salesforce Support and Customisation service to allow you to get the most out of your CRM.