Salesforce CRM Services

Salesforce is a leading CRM platform. It continues to be the industry leader with its fast-paced innovations and continuous improvements for unparalleled user experience. Focused on delivering robust customer relationship management solutions, Salesforce will help your business grow at a breakneck speed and give you a competitive edge.
Leverage Salesforce to have happy customers, streamline your business processes, and drive high profits while making customers for life. To unlock the hidden potential in your business with Salesforce, you can avail the services of our highly skilled and experienced Salesforce team.

Salesforce Customisation

Mirror your business processes by customizing Salesforce and maximize the ROI on your CRM investment. Being flexible and highly user-intuitive, Salesforce allows its users to customize different objects, fields, and workflows. Additionally, Salesforce UX optimization makes it simple and easy to use. With Salesforce Customization, companies see an increase in the user adoption rate and enjoy a personalized user experience.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce seamlessly integrates with different third-party platforms. This makes it easy to use and manage different tasks from within a unified platform rather than juggling different software. Efficiently manage your customers and get more done in less time by bringing together the different software that helps your business run successfully. Salesforce Integration with other software platforms will ensure the bi-synchronization of data and automatically organize everything in one place. Some of the commonly leveraged Salesforce Integration services are for:

  • Integration with Accounting Platforms
  • Integration with Marketing Automation Software
  • Integration with Social Media Platforms
  • Integration with Sales Management Software
  • Integration with Payment Gateways
  • Integration with e-commerce Platforms
  • Integration with Content Management Systems

Salesforce Data Migration

Data migration from one CRM to another is crucial for a smooth experience. At RT Labs, we follow the best practices of Salesforce Data Migration and ensure that your data is secure and safe. While migrating data from your legacy system to Salesforce, we take all measures to execute the process seamlessly and keep all your business processes running without creating any hindrance. 

We understand that data migration is an intricate process and follow the best practices which include:

Field Mapping: Your data is relayed to the relevant fields in Salesforce.

Relationship Mapping: All the relationships that fields have between them are maintained and replicated in the new platform.

Data Security: International standards of data security are followed and our team complies with them.

Data Integrity: Accuracy and consistency of data is well taken care of by our Salesforce team. 

Deduplication: Redundant copies of data are eliminated to avoid data storage issues. 

Hassle-free Data Migration: The latest ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) Tools are utilized to deliver the best results.

Salesforce Support

Salesforce is a robust platform and users enjoy a seamless experience. However, if you face any technical difficulties or unexpected issues, our dedicated Salesforce Support team has got you covered. We provided a tailored analysis for all your business needs and take care of the complicated backend process required for running your CRM platform. From bug identification to troubleshoot errors, our Salesforce Experts team is available to solve all your Salesforce related issues. We provide email support, Salesforce training, and Salesforce Consultancy.

Salesforce Pricing

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging Salesforce in your business and boost the productivity of your team. With simple Salesforce pricing models and clear value propositions of different Salesforce Clouds, it becomes easy for companies to invest in the Salesforce Cloud that best suits their business. Moreover, for different Salesforce editions, the license cost is based on a per month per user subscription.

Salesforce Implementation

The Salesforce implementation process can be challenging. However, with RT Labs, you don’t need to worry! Our team has extensive experience in Salesforce Implementation and a strong command over the lifecycle of the implementation process. From requirement gathering to deploying Salesforce and training users, we take all measures to ensure that Salesforce transforms your business and gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. 

Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce has categorized different CRM services into Salesforce Clouds. As a result, you find customized solutions for marketing, sales, customer service, commerce, etc with different features developed according to the nature of the business. 

Some of the Salesforce Clouds include:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce is innovating at a fast pace to continuously improve its user experience. With a modern user interface and a completely new look, Salesforce Lightning is faster and provides an unmatchable user experience. With interactive features and elements, Salesforce Lightning will make you work faster and better while optimizing all your business processes. It is mobile-ready and has a drag and drop feature to give you detailed information on the same page. Moreover, the interactive tabs, home page components, and activity timeline make it a breeze to use Salesforce and leverage it fully to level up your business.

Salesforce Certified Team & Developers

Our Certified Salesforce team has got you covered for all your CRM needs. We specialize in designing, implementing, and deploying robust Salesforce solutions to make it mirror your business requirements. From requirement gathering to planning and optimizing your CRM software, we ensure unparalleled customer experience and go the extra mile to help streamline your workflows and drive efficiency in your business processes.

Why Choose RT Labs?

RT Labs is your one-stop solution for all Salesforce related queries. Maximize the utility of your Salesforce by leveraging the expertise of our highly skilled and well-experienced project managers, developers, solutions architects, quality assurance engineers, and business analysts. Our team stays updated with all developments in the Salesforce framework and has successfully completed different Salesforce Certifications. We ensure that our clients make the most of their CRM and optimize their workflows to create meaningful customer relationships. RT Labs gives top priority to its customers and ensures an unparalleled customer experience by successfully implementing Salesforce solutions.