Magento Website Development

E-commerce as an industry is constantly evolving with organizations competing for the best online store for customer experience. Magento can create a website with modern sensibilities in mind like responsive design and creative theming. It is an industry standard platform and will fulfil all of your requirements for an online store. Along with being very fast and possesses SEO/mobile capabilities and multiple website hosting. RT Labs has some of the greatest Magento Website Development Services in the business, and have helped other organizations develop the most eye-catching websites to run in line with their business processes and achieve their goals. With our level of experience in the Magento platform along with our design philosophy, we will guarantee minimal delays in our best in class solutions.


Magento Website Development Process

When developing a Magento e-commerce solution it is vital to go into the minute details of the process to make sure that the end solution will mirror your business goals. Every step is deliberate with the next one in mind so that the result is at its most flexible and scalable. The following will entail how our Magento Web Development Services will lead to a state of the art e-commerce solution.

Magento Discovery

First and foremost to implement all this we need to learn about what you do, your needs, and what opportunities can be made available. Based on your current setup, be it an existing Magento platform or from a different provider like Shopify, etc, we will provide you with an audit to better understand your business and how you’ve been conducting workflows and other processes. This discovery phase will give us an idea of where you currently are, and where you want to be. With all of these considerations in place, we can strategize our way to develop the most suitable website that will guarantee your success.

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Magento Blueprint & Project Kick off

Once we start analysing your needs our team can commence drafting a roadmap for the Magento development with calculated deadlines, and milestones to better organize the progress on the Magento e-commerce development. Customer personas will be formulated to test the design and later optimize it for the target market. While the website is not ready, wireframes for your website will be developed to visualize for you where the result is heading and any amendments that can be made.

Magento Website Design & User Interface

Having a Magento e-commerce store that captures the essence of your brand or business is the most vital objective. Design is an unspoken language and we must communicate with our customers effectively using colour’s and tone. This is incorporated into Magento Customisation where our team of experts will guarantee the most responsive design with an experience of simplicity for the user in mind. An artistic design plus user-oriented UI will solidify your business values and keep up the retention of your e-commerce store.

Magento Website Development

Once the design, user experience, and user interface aspects of the website are concluded. The website creation can finally begin from our Magento team side. This process entails:

  • Hosting Configuration
  • Speed Optimization
  • Custom templates
  • Cross-browser optimization
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Custom Functionality Integration
  • SEO Optimized Coding (HTML/JS/Flash)

Magento Website Integration

Your Magento e-commerce platform is now technically ready to be used, but you should not settle for just an online store. Integration is now key to fully realizing the business potential of your store, by integrating your Magento with third party applications you are increasing its core functionality. You already possess third party applications from your previous solution’s integrations, once you migrate it is vital to shift all of them to your current version of Magento fully optimized. We have a team of Magento development experts with the experience to even integrate a CRM with your Magento store. Taking advantage of the open source nature of the platform, we guarantee seamless integration.

Magento Launch and Management

This is the final testing phase. Only when you are fully satisfied with the development, design, and performance will we finally set up your Magento e-commerce store to finally begin launching. Our Magento developers will be there for you by providing unwavering support so that you can adopt the platform. Our in-depth training sessions with you will help speed up that process and eventually you can call the website your own.

Import and export of data in SuiteCRM depends upon a number of factors. Your current SuiteCRM version and the one you want to upgrade to, as well as the status of your customization (are they upgrade safe?) help us understand your current condition. Depending on your situation, our SuiteCRM developers design a migration/upgrade process that safeguards your current customization and integrations and helps you make the transition seamlessly.

Yes, SuiteCRM serves as an excellent Salesforce alternative open source CRM and can give you the features and functionalities you need in a cost effective manner. RT Dynamic is a Certified SuiteCRM Partner and our SuiteCRM developers have extensive experience in SuiteCRM Migration. Get in touch and we’ll help you migrate from Salesforce to SuiteCRM.

It is possible to migrate to SuiteCRM while keeping all of your previous settings. You just need the assistance of SuiteCRM migration experts to do the task for you. RT Dynamic has the expertise to deliver migration services without causing any changes in the CRM settings.

Maintenance of data integrity is vital during SuiteCRM data migration. Therefore, in order to keep the integrity of your data intact during the migration process, you should let Official SuiteCRM Partners such as RT Dynamic do the job for you.

Some of the most common issues faced when migrating data to SuiteCRM are listed below:

  • Error(s) in data mapping
  • Data formats not correct
  • Incorrect Functions
  • Data Duplication
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