Salesforce Customisation

Every business tends to have its own unique operations and challenges, which is why customization is a popular service required from CRM partners. At RT Labs, we recognize the need to tailor your CRM platform according to your business requirements. We develop solutions that allow you to personalize your customer service platform, while at the same time, streamline your business operations.

Salesforce Customisation Services

Salesforce can have an immense impact on your customer service and eventually on your sales. According to the DRM statistics, Salesforce has a higher market share than that of its three top competitors combined in the CRM software industry. On top of it, 83% of Fortune 500 companies are customers of Salesforce. Forbes predicts that Salesforce revenue would reach $22.4 billion by 2022.

The reasons behind this popularity of Salesforce are not just the flexibility it provides or the unlimited possibilities it offers for customisation and integration for efficient training. It is also because efficient CRM management – and Salesforce being one of the most effective tools for doing that – has proven to immensely improve sales leads and develop stronger and more sustainable customer relationships. With Salesforce customisation processes you can tangibly improve your leads conversion into sales, reduce the cost of sales, uncover referral business, as well as boost opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Salesforce Configuration

This type of Salesforce solution may be understood as tailoring a Salesforce solution with point and click tools, also known as ‘declarative’ tools. An important feature of these tools is that these do not require programming skills. A Salesforce manager can perform these easily and effectively. The primary changes made here are to the solution’s user interface (UI) or data model (the way data is stored in a Salesforce solution). This type of configuration may include:

Creating new objects and fields
Creating new tabs or group of tabs known as apps
Creating validation rules to verify that data entered in CRM meets a company’s internal    quality standards
Enabling default email templates

Salesforce Customisation

On the other hand, customisation is a slightly more complicated procedure and comes in where getting a specific functionality with configuration is impossible. In other words, it is a more detailed modification process and can only be done successfully by a Salesforce developer. Here possible customisations may include:

Creating custom processes, e.g., for the calculation of expected revenue/taxes
Enabling bulk operations, which imply processing large volumes of data
Enabling custom email templates created with Visual force, for instance, for invoices and warranty emails management

In practical terms, customised Salesforce solutions usually have elements of both configuration and customisation. To achieve a better balance between the two, it is always beneficial to begin with configuration while leveraging in full the default Salesforce capabilities and tools. Once such a need arises in a Salesforce solution that cannot be addressed only through configuration, then we must utilize processes of customisation.

Salesforce App Development

One of the best and most in-demand customisation is the ability to manage a CRM platform in a mobile environment. With a fast-paced, globalized world, business needs to be managed while on the go. RT Labs offers custom mobile application development services to its customers in order to address this need. The main objective for RT Labs is to provide all the functionalities that a desktop version of CRM provides but is made much easier and convenient. The customisation could include the addition or omission of certain modules, fields. or objects.

Salesforce UX Optimization

Another important feature of a personalized CRM solution is the creation of a seamless user experience. The user experience can be defined as the degree of ease that is lent to a user of any platform. This includes easy navigation and an interface that is not too complicated. With better user experience, there is a better chance of customer retention and an increase in user adoption. RT Labs comes with its certified development team to ensure that the user experience of all its clients is seamless and smooth.

Why Customise With RT Labs?

Salesforce Customisation is a highly efficient way to make your Salesforce CRM a helpful tool for sales and customer service as well as reducing the issues of poor user adoption. To make sure that you get the most out of your efforts without having to spend a lot, get input from your users, hire a CRM certified partner such as RT Labs so as to lead the process, look for and engage in a quality Salesforce customisation service, and rationalize and streamline your requirements from the customisation process. In this regard, RT Labs provides this and much more!