Magento E-Commerce Platform

Magento is the golden standard PHP framework used all over when it comes to large scale implementations of e-commerce websites and platforms. The ever-growing community and extensions will make sure that you are never behind in functionality. Magento has made it to the top when it comes to CMS for e-commerce businesses. Its rich feature set allows businesses that are just starting out from scratch to scale their business to new heights. RT Labs is a Magento Development Company having the experience and expertise in the Magento framework. We have designed, developed, and implemented a large number of e-commerce solutions for various clients all over the globe.


Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce comes loaded with a set of developer tools, configuration tools, site management features that guarantee customer satisfaction, this makes it the e-commerce platform to have especially if you’re an enterprise-level business. The framework allows for a new type of site architecture which has blazing page speeds, simple extension implementations with overlapping code functionalities, and a plethora of other features at the ready to set your e-commerce business for life. This solution takes Magento to the next level, while still being easy to use and feel natural.

magento ecommerce

Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud acts as a Platform-as-a-Service that still delivers when it comes to optimizations and performance. Due to it being a cloud infrastructure, changes made anywhere will be saved, making it very responsive, scalable, and secure. This acts as an isolated environment to test out the integrations of Magento just before its deployment, thus streamlining the whole Magento website experience. Magento Customization can also be used to modify the experience beforehand to further suit your business demands.

Magento Open Source

A free version of Magento is available for everyone to download and install, this is the open-source version. The open-source version is necessary for startups and smaller businesses so they can become more confident with using the tools and features. The free version can also be optimized for your requirements, making it a great introduction to get your bearings in Magento CMS. Use this version to make your team realize the advantages of a Magento built website so you can eventually upgrade to the proprietary version for Magento Enterprise

Benefits of Magento

Magento is widespread in the e-commerce industry for various reasons. Its large community and industry standard technology make it beneficial for the following reasons:

Quick Deployment

Using Magento is a faster-paced process than its competition for building sites. Such a large community of developers, combined with various integration options, gives you the tools at your disposal to quickly deploy your website and take your online store to new heights.

Immersive Shopping Experience

Magento will let you personalize the shopping experience for your customers using its advanced pricing algorithms, promotions, and dynamic content generation. Doing this will cause you to tailor the experience for each customer and hence increase their lifetime value.

Simplified Content Management

Easily manage content on your website with a simple drag and drop tool to achieve the look you desire to maximize sales and promotions. Easily preview the content before it goes live and even schedules updates to be implemented on a later date.



Enhance your customer search experience by keeping track of common spelling mistakes, synonymous products, and any stop words. Understand the intention of your customers when they search and ensure the highest conversion rate.

Dynamic Cross-selling

Link your products to each other and create relationships amongst them. Set rules to differentiate between whether or a cross-sell or an upsell has occurred. This will affect product suggestions, improve orders, and conversion rates. 

Responsive Themes

The themes present in Magento will make your website with responsive design in mind. No matter the device you use to access the site, the customer experience will be the same, this will bring consistency for all of your customers.

SEO Friendly Platform

Magento covers your SEO requirements with effective URLs and Meta Tags. Add structures and data markups for product pages and making a Google sitemap for your e-commerce website.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: What’s the Difference?

Magento 2 is an upgraded version of the original with newly added functionality along with the quality of life changes that were needed in Magento 1. The result is that Magento 2 is a more intuitive solution on the whole. The issues it addresses are:

  • Extension Conflicts: Plugins will now overlap code instead of overwriting it
  • Class File Size: Smaller size by abstracting class dependencies
  • JavaScript Files: Magento 2 uses jQuery as core JavaScript library and adds RequireJS library, this results in better overall performance

Magento 2 has the upper hand compared to Magento 1 due to a host of new features like account management, mobile responsive design, and inventory management. Simply shifting from 1 to 2 is an arduous task, but as a business decision it pays off well in the long run. If you’re considering migrating your Magento or Magento CRM Integration then you can contact us. We can perform a FREE Business Analysis to gauge which solution you need.

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Import and export of data in SuiteCRM depends upon a number of factors. Your current SuiteCRM version and the one you want to upgrade to, as well as the status of your customization (are they upgrade safe?) help us understand your current condition. Depending on your situation, our SuiteCRM developers design a migration/upgrade process that safeguards your current customization and integrations and helps you make the transition seamlessly.

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