Magento Customisation Services

RT Labs is a reliable destination for whether you are looking to construct a Magento E-commerce store from scratch or to further customise your existing Magento website. With all the tools and expertise that we possess, we can help you customise and perfect your website following your business needs and processes. Customising your website is essential to optimize your online store and increase your return on investment.


Magento Themes Customisation

RT Labs has a team of Magento experts who can replicate the vision of your website onto your screen. Worry not, as we are well aware of the ins and outs of the workings of the Magento ecosystem and can design Magento themes that will accurately portray your business the way you see fit. Yes, there are many free themes out there, but they are generally a “one size fits all” solution. We also adhere to our quality standards when it comes to Magento Theme Customisation. Meaning we will make sure your Magento theme:

  • Represents your products and industry visually
  • Offers user-friendly navigation
  • Is optimized for popular internet browsers
  • Has responsive design for mobile viewing
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Magento Extension Development

Magento Extensions are like add-ons for your website for when you needed extended functionality. The functionality required differs from industry to industry and with our Magento Services, you too can offer it on your website. Extensions come in all varieties, you can perform a complete integration with a CRM, or could gain complex SEO functions. The Magento developers at RT Labs have a complete understanding of Magento and can hence create extensions that your business needs in particular along with integrating neatly with your Magento website.

Magento Module Development

There will come a time when Magento Extension will start to limit you in what you want to achieve. This is where custom module development will come into play and help you bring out the feature you were missing. Our Magento Services also encompasses the development of custom modules, which will link your business to your Magento platform in an efficient fashion. We make skilful use of the Zend framework and are well versed in directory structures, layout configurations, etc when setting up a custom Magento module. Avail our Magento Development services and bring the most out of Magento modules.

What Sets Us Apart!

Your website must be at its best visually to garner more customers and bring in attention. Guarantee the success of your Magento e-commerce platform by having it custom made for yourself. We will ensure that your Magento is customized with optimization, security, and scalability in mind due to our experience and knowledge in Magento Development. Our team of Magento experts will run you through the whole process and make sure that the functionality of your site has increased by streamlining the platform. Support/maintenance will also be provided after the service. Contact us now for a FREE Business Analysis with our Magento experts.

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Import and export of data in SuiteCRM depends upon a number of factors. Your current SuiteCRM version and the one you want to upgrade to, as well as the status of your customisation (are they upgrade safe?) help us understand your current condition. Depending on your situation, our SuiteCRM developers design a migration/upgrade process that safeguards your current customisation and integrations and helps you make the transition seamlessly.

Yes, SuiteCRM serves as an excellent Salesforce alternative open source CRM and can give you the features and functionalities you need in a cost effective manner. RT Dynamic is a Certified SuiteCRM Partner and our SuiteCRM developers have extensive experience in SuiteCRM Migration. Get in touch and we’ll help you migrate from Salesforce to SuiteCRM.

It is possible to migrate to SuiteCRM while keeping all of your previous settings. You just need the assistance of SuiteCRM migration experts to do the task for you. RT Dynamic has the expertise to deliver migration services without causing any changes in the CRM settings.

Maintenance of data integrity is vital during SuiteCRM data migration. Therefore, in order to keep the integrity of your data intact during the migration process, you should let Official SuiteCRM Partners such as RT Dynamic do the job for you.

Some of the most common issues faced when migrating data to SuiteCRM are listed below:

  • Error(s) in data mapping
  • Data formats not correct
  • Incorrect Functions
  • Data Duplication