AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AWS makes use of machine learning to deliver various business processes such as yours. They make machine learning more accessible to developers and data scientists all around the world. Artificial intelligence is currently used in many industries, from healthcare to any industry that involves spotting anomalies in machinery. AWS allows you to use data in new ways to suit your current needs using new machine learning tools. The AWS Cloud infrastructure makes it possible for all of this to not use your own resources.

AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS has the largest infrastructure available right now for raw computational power and storage for all kinds of resources. They have over a million active customers in almost 200 countries, due to their being so many availability zones. With so many locations around the world, an almost flawless global delivery system less prone to any errors. Being available all over gives them the ease to be available 24/7, fault-tolerant, and largely scalable. This means you will be using only as much as you need at all times for your machine learning needs.

You can choose from an assortment of machine learning frameworks to find the best ones to suit your business needs. Use machine learning in this large infrastructure for uses like voice assistance, fraud detection, and much more. With AWS the latest technologies in machine learning are more accessible because of the pay-as-you-use model. AWS does not believe in all these barriers to entry and makes it easier for companies of all sizes.

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Our Amazon Web Services

AWS also provides services that incorporate artificial intelligence into their core. This is similar to the infrastructure that Amazon already operates within and makes use of. Makes use of technology powered by artificial intelligence, without ever needing to learn the technicality.

amazon personalize

Amazon Personalise

Without any machine learning expertise, take advantage of Amazon Personalise to build applications that deliver personalisation experiences. Amongst them are specific product recommendations, customised direct marketing, and personalised product rankings. This fully managed service goes further than static-based rules and instead tunes custom machine learning modules. This is to deliver highly customised recommendations across industries like retail and media services.

amazon kendra

Amazon Kendra

Kendra is Amazon’s way of making content extremely easy to find, at any level. This enterprise search engine makes all content available at an employee or customer’s fingertips. Amazon Kendra is a much better alternative to digging through years of data to find what you need given its search capabilities. This service also requires no machine learning training in order to get started and runs on built-in models.

RT Labs with AWS Machine Learning and AI

RT Labs has had years of experience working on machine learning and artificial intelligence models, and they still do. Many companies have already utilised our experience in the industry by applying our custom-made machine learning models. We have made models that have suited industries like manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, and the retail industry.
You can also mix artificial intelligence with AWS DevOps to truly make use of the best practices to go forward.