Salesforce Support And Evolution Services

Our team of certified Salesforce developers and administrators is equipped with all the tools, along with business analytics, to bring you the Salesforce solution that you need to stay ahead with today’s fast-evolving technology.


  • 12 years of experience and successful history in the IT business
  • Your reliable Salesforce partner
  • 12 years in CRM development and support working with companies all over the world
  • 12 years of successful history in delivering support services based on the ITSM approach

We Ensure That Your Salesforce Solution is Best Suited to Your Business Needs

RTLabs can help you with top to bottom review of your CRM capabilities with a Salesforce audit. We will examine all your Salesforce process records as well as user roles and provide you with the analysis if they are functioning optimally. Our scrutiny will also provide you with solutions to eliminate any shortcomings in your CRM so you can take all benefits that are due.

What is included in our Salesforce Support Packages

In a nutshell, our processes include taking over your development and administration support of your Salesforce systems. If your business requires any type of support functions for your Salesforce, we provide that too. To elaborate further:

Administration processes

Daily administration: We can help you with the configuration of a Salesforce solution. This includes setting up workflows, the configuration of custom reports, or installing applications to ensure that your Salesforce-supported business operations continue without hurdles.

Data administration: If you require additional services, we also upload data in a Salesforce solution, cleanse data for you, set up duplicate and validation rules, and so on.

Around the clock system monitoring: We have the capabilities to quickly identify and resolve any errors in your Salesforce performance. This is intended to help you in preventing any serious performance issues.

Monthly health updates.:We provide you with a Salesforce solution to cope with any inefficiencies and problem areas that may require optimization in their features or processes.

User help desk: We support Salesforce solution’s users by answering questions about all issues that they may be facing. These may include issues like system unavailability affecting many users.

Development Support

Troubleshooting. We swiftly act to resolve any critical issues that may be impacting your Salesforce on performance, security, or in any other way. These issues may need resolutions on the code level.

System evolution. We can help you with enhancements, be them small or substantial. This is geared towards a Salesforce solution. Depending on your requests, changes and modifications to default functionality may also be made quickly, while ensuring no impact to current business operations in Salesforce.

Salesforce Products That We Endorse

Following Salesforce products come under our packages:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Non-profit Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce Chatter

Stages of Cooperation

  1. Transition

In this stage we will take upon the analysis of your Salesforce solution, keeping in view the input from the IT department and business departments, incident history, change backlogs, etc., and provide you the solutions that your business needs.

We obtain knowledge from transfer and mining (documentation on configurations, customizations, etc.) to accomplish this. We also carry out service planning and responsibility transfer at every stage of the process.

  1. Service delivery

We deliver the previously decided scope of  Salesforce Support  and follow it with monthly result analysis and reporting.

  1. Changes and Improvements

We promise you quarterly proposals on possible process improvements to keep you ahead of the curve.

Models of Cooperation

Staying true to the ITSM best practices, we also handle your support tickets. If you need any changes or modifications implemented to your Salesforce solution, we can also provide two cooperation options:


The task-based cooperation model

Our team of experts will process change tickets with technical requirements for the custom functionality. Business departments will initiate these Change tickets and then IT managers will approve them from the customer’s side.

The need-based cooperation model

Here, our team will process your change requests depending on your business needs. We will collaborate with your business departments to come up with detailed requirements and implementations that will then direct the required changes.


The total price of the Salesforce technical support service may include:

Monthly costs. These fees will depend on the number of Salesforce users in your company, as well as the service scope you’re choosing. The complexity of customizations of your Salesforce solution will also be accounted for here.

Other payments that are based on the T&M model will also be included. These are for the services additional to the scope covered by fixed monthly price.

Key Performance Indicators

With us, you can have the assurance that we will be self-managed but completely transparent in our performance. You will have the authority to foresee the effectiveness of our support services operations with the following KPIs:

  • No. of Cases Resolved (by types: incidents, change requests).
  • Average Case Resolution Time
  • User Satisfaction
  • SLA Success Rate
  • Complaint Escalation Rate