Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is the new and improved version of the original Salesforce Classic version. With several improved qualities like a better user Interface, upgraded tools, and a more pleasing aesthetic, Lightning appears to be the superior version of Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning Features

Salesforce Lightning is the modern upgrade that allows its users to get the best of the Salesforce platform in order to ensure a streamlined business operation and the best possible customer experience.

1. User Interface Improved

One of the most obvious improvements is the superior User Interface in the Salesforce Lightning Platform. With lesser text available on the homepage and dashboard, the users can gain more information from the rich imagery and the liberal use of tools and icons, making it very easy to navigate the platform. The vendors can access information easily regarding key accounts and leads as well as keep an eye on the performance chart. The interface is optimized to operate at a faster speed to allow for greater efficiency.

2. Lightning App Builder

Users can create custom modules and applications using the simple drag-and-drop feature without the need for employing the services of any developers. This feature allows vendors to create just the right platform they need to run their business processes without accumulating too many unnecessary modules and applications on their platform. With the Lightning App Builder, you can create dashboard-style apps to keep track of the business proceedings or point apps, which solve a particular task assigned to them. Apart from that, custom objects and pages can also be created as per the vendor’s needs.

3. Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce Lightning also comes with an online marketplace for Salesforce applications, components, and services. AppExchange can be used to fully realize the potential of a business by adding the required tools to the operations to achieve maximum efficiency. With over 50 partner components available in the App Builder, users have their fair share of choice when it comes to supplementing their platform with the right kind of application.

4. Lightning Report Builder

The Lightning Report Builder equips users with the ability to analyse Salesforce data, improve report charts, and summarize records. This tool in Salesforce Lightning gives its users a way to get a holistic view of their data and decide what actions to take based on the trends that the data shows. With the help of an interactive filter, report viewing is easier than ever. The format automatically updates when users begin to group data. The formats could be in tabular, summary, or matrix forms. The end result is a convenient and efficient means of managing business operations.

5. Einstein Integration

Going beyond the basic AI tools available in Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning goes one step further to include automated data processing and modelling as well as regular analytic updates. Other features include the Einstein Bot Builder, Account Insights as well as Einstein Opportunity.

Salesforce Lightning vs Salesforce Classic

Several organizations continue to opt for the Salesforce Classic platform despite the obvious superiority of the Lightning platform. The reasoning behind this is mostly that companies that have traditionally employed Salesforce Classic have trouble switching over to the new platform seamlessly. Additionally, the few features that are present in Classic, such as custom JavaScript buttons and certain apps in the AppExchange.

Hybrid Solution

The best solution to the Salesforce Lightning vs Salesforce Classic debate is to adopt a hybrid solution. This involves Salesforce users to toggle back and forth between the Classic and the Lightning versions according to what functionalities they require. This is, however, only a temporary solution as the Lightning platform is ultimately superior and far more likely to replace Classic entirely. It can also lead to a few issues with the underlying URL routing. The ultimate solution would be to migrate all your data to a Salesforce Lightning platform. Leverage RT Labs’ Data Migration services today to migrate to a platform most suited to your needs!