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Why B2B Software?

B2B software is specialized software developed by businesses, for business. Whether it’s for customer relationship management, mobile app development, Magento e-commerce web development, or AWS cloud computing, B2B software is capable of catering to your business’ specific needs. This is because it’s designed by experts after your business undergoes a thorough analysis.

A well-made software solution can help you cover up your weaknesses while enhancing your strengths. The right software-one that integrates well with your business-gives you the competitive edge you need to excel in your industry.

RT Labs has been providing a variety of B2B software solutions in the United Kingdom since 2012.

Benefits of B2B CRM Software

Understand Your Customer

Store all of your customer information in one place for easy analysis. Gain access to a unified CRM platform that gives you in-depth insight on your customer behaviour. B2B CRM Software makes communicating with your customers straightforward.

Centralized Data Storage

B2B CRM software makes data storage simple. Centralized data storage eliminates the chances of vital information such as customer contact details being misplaced. All your data is stored in one place, and can be synchronized with any third-party platform through CRM integration.

Cloud Hosting

Make your B2B CRM software even more convenient with cloud hosting. With your CRM software on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere in the world. Keep track of your leads while you are on the move.

CRM Customisation

B2B companies can customise CRM software according to your needs. CRM platforms such as Salesforce or SugarCRM are highly customisable. We can customise CRM platforms according to your needs. Customised CRM platforms greatly amplify your business operations with minimal disruption. .


Interact with your CRM system even when you’re away from your computer. B2B CRM Software solutions come with mobile access capabilities. Our mobile app development and CRM development expertise go hand-in-hand with one another.

Improve Your Business Operations

The right CRM platform is capable of streamlining your entire business process. Our B2B CRM software solutions automate various aspects of your marketing and sales efforts. CRM makes doing business easier while improving the results of your efforts.

What We Do

AWS Cloud Computing

Start using AWS with us to gain access to the best Cloud Computing platform out there. Use the best in AWS storage services, computational capacity, and make yourself server-less. Using it with your current B2B software like CRM and e-commerce solutions will let you stay ahead of the competition. Become a part of the largest cloud service in the world today with us!

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the leading B2B CRM software providers in the world today. Being experts on the platform we can implement the exact configuration you need. We can migrate your current setup onto the platform with integrations, customisations and much more to your liking. Get started with one of the leading CRM platforms with our expertise!


Utilise one of the best CRM platforms with SugarCRM. Extremely customisable with many plugins available to enhance the functionality even further. With SugarCRM, you can take advantage of CRM features that are only available in open source platforms. Get started with SugarCRM now and use a B2B CRM software that can adapt itself to your business!

Magento e-commerce

Magento is the leading platform when it comes to B2B e-commerce software solutions. Take advantage of our experience in web development and get an eye-catching e-commerce platform as a result. We have a team of Magento experts who know their way around the Magento PHP Framework. This makes Magento CRM integration and web development available to you.

Mobile App Development

The mobile app market is ripe with opportunities. Get a custom application created for your business on the platform of your choice with expert mobile app development. Launch your mobile app on populated platforms with Android and iOS development to get the most out of the mobile market. Get started with us now!

Web Development

Get a website created that your business can start calling its own with advanced web development by RT Labs. We have been developing websites for 12 years now and because of that, we have the expertise backed by results. Go for our web development services, or if you need an e-commerce store get Magento website development services. 

RT Plugins for SugarCRM

We at RT Labs have developed our own suite of software plugins for SugarCRM. Our SugarCRM plugins are designed to further expand the capabilities of your CRM platforms. RT plugins let you get the most out of your SugarCRM solution. They provide businesses with an easy approach to customise your CRM software and increase its functionality.

Our RT Plugins include:

  • RT Salesmap
  • RT Gsync
  • RT Telephony
  • RT Docusign
Google Apps Syncing in SugarCRM

AWS Cloud Computing

AWS is currently the cloud leader, possessing the largest cloud infrastructure available in the world with data centres in many countries. The pay-as-you-go service results in you not being dependent on fixed costs as well as hidden subscriptions. With AWS data centres around the world, we can arrange a seamless transition to the cloud.

Cloud Storage

AWS is currently the cloud leader, possessing the largest cloud infrastructure available in the world with data centres in many countries. The pay-as-you-go service results in you not being dependent on fixed costs as well as hidden subscriptions. With AWS data centres around the world, we can arrange a seamless transition to the cloud.

Security and Compliance

Cloud computing may sound unsafe compared to everything locally, but AWS has strict security policies to keep you at ease. 24/7 monitoring of servers and other practices are the reasons even banks are present on the cloud platform.

B2B E-Commerce Software Solutions

E-commerce has become a core part of business. Businesses of all shapes and sizes and moving their presence online. People aren’t hopping onto this bandwagon for no reason, e-commerce has a number of benefits that businesses can enjoy.

In order to get the most out of e-commerce solutions, businesses need to invest in customised B2B e-commerce software. B2B e-commerce software solutions provide businesses platforms that allow them to create and maintain their presence online.

As a B2B e-commerce software solutions expert, RT Labs can help you develop solutions that meet your business needs to the letter. We’re quite experienced with Magento: one of the leading e-commerce platforms out there.

RT Labs can provide you with B2B e-commerce software solutions such as:

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