Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing is the future, this is evident from the number of companies adopting AWS services and practices. Realising the importance of cloud computing is the first step, incorporating it into your business is the next. Amazon’s low-cost solutions are ready for you, no matter what line of business you belong to.

AWS Cloud Application Development

You will not have to worry about resources as they will be provided by AWS via application hosting services. Make use of clever AWS tools like Lambda and Beanstalk, while only paying for exactly how much you use it. The result is you can produce a series of cloud applications for your business using always-available cloud servers.

AWS cloud app

AWS DevOps

DevOps is a new way to promote collaboration between different departments like IT operations and software development. Our teams are well-versed in AWS DevOps and can leverage the tools provided by AWS to implement solutions on the AWS Cloud. With DevOps, you can develop and implement software applications much faster and with no compromises.
AWS DevOps makes use of various software processes like Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Integration. This accounts for having developers interact with infrastructure as they would with code, and central code storage respectively.

AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AWS itself has machine learning and artificial intelligence in mind considering its core infrastructure. Many services in its portfolio stem from machine learning and give you access to a lot of different features. These new features will greatly help with application development and other management practices by streamlining their processes. Machine learning resources can be made available easily by storing them in the provided storage of Amazon S3. Apart from this the raw power of computations also assist in the process, making machine learning swift.

AWS certification

AWS and RT Labs

We have been a team of software developers and provides for over a decade now, and are experienced in many different industries and their technologies. AWS is a part of that whole, meaning we can make any custom solutions that involve application development, artificial intelligence, and even deep practices like DevOps.Our certified teams are always available and ready for the job at hand. Make your journey on the AWS cloud a smoother one by leveraging our expertise.