Salesforce Developers

As a certified Salesforce Partner and consultant, RT Labs is dedicated to delivering its commitments to its clients. With an experienced team of Salesforce Consultants and Developers, get the best solution to your CRM needs from RT Labs, without compromising on your standards or requirements. We have satisfied several clients, delivered on all our assigned objectives, and therefore, have a great customer satisfaction record.

Salesforce Customisation Services

No out-of-the-box CRM can be fully expected to deliver on all of the requirements of the business operation it sets out to manage. Instead of having businesses adapt to the CRM platform, the CRM needs to be tailored according to the need of the user. This is where our Salesforce Customisation services come in. By leveraging our customisation services, you can gain the best possible insight into your business processes and at the same time, remove unnecessary clutter from the interface that is not relevant to you.

Salesforce Integration Services

Just like customisation, Salesforce Integration is also necessary for the smooth running of your business operation. Companies often need to use third-party software such as payment gateways or accounting applications that do not come with the original CRM platform. With the help of RT Labs’ expertise, users can integrate any number of other applications in their platform, without needing to worry about the execution of the integration itself. Seamlessly incorporate your software into your CRM, without having to worry about the development and coding needed to do so. 

Data Migration Services

One of the most challenging tasks for a business to run smooth operations is handling data without losing or mismanaging it. When companies shift from one platform or premises to another, there is always a chance of losing valuable information, which can cause huge problems for the users. RT Labs offers its services to address all your Salesforce Data Migration and Data Handling needs. Our team of certified experts reduces the chances of your data getting lost or mismanaged by reducing redundancies, inaccuracies, and risk exposure.

Data Protection

At RT Labs, we are dedicated to keeping your data private and in secure hands. With its strict Data Protection rules, RT Labs maintains professionalism in its services and ensures customer retention as a result. All client information is treated as confidential and no room is left to cause any type of liability. This is why RT Labs is one of the most popular Salesforce partners employed to help with data for clients from a variety of backgrounds.

Flexible Pricing Models

RT Labs considers its customers’ convenience when it comes to determining the pricing for its services. This is why we provide several options for customers to choose out of:

  • On-going pricing: Get your billing done in accordance with the amount of time spent on your project. With an hourly rate agreed upon, users need to only pay for the duration of time when work was actually put into their project.
  • Fixed-price model: An unchangeable amount, previously agreed upon can also be used as an alternative pricing strategy. Based on the amount of labour that would go in a specific project, a fixed amount could be charged.
  • Dedicated Resources: RT Labs can also provide any certified dedicated resources that our clients might require for work on their projects.

Hybrid Arrangement: Our hybrid engagement model comprises of deployment, as well as Salesforce Training so as to address any extra needs of our clients.

Professional, Certified And Experienced

Our team of certified Salesforce partners is the one-stop-solution for all your Salesforce needs. With more than 8 years of experience in the CRM domain and over 500 successful custom CRM implementations, RT Labs strives to provide excellence and complete professionalism when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our Development team has successfully carried out several Salesforce Customisations and Integrations in order to tailor the clients’ CRM according to their needs. This enables clients to optimize their business processes and seamlessly integrate their CRM platform with other third-party applications that make their work easier. Leverage the Expertise of RT Labs today to get the most out of your CRM!