RT Labs is a Professional Services firm that provides a range of products including RT Salesmap, RT Gsync, RT Telephony, and RT Docusign.


Feature-rich SugarCRM plugin that empowers visual representation of your SUGARCRM’S RECORDS ON GOOGLE MAP. Within a glimpse, track and locate your SugarCRM records on Google map with this seamless integration.

Main Features include:
* Records Visualisation
* Radial Search
* Custom Search


SugarCRM plugin that automatically syncs Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents between GOOGLE APPS & SUGARCRM. Within minutes have your Gmail, contacts, calendar items, and documents from Google automatically sent over to SugarCRM and vice versa with this seamless integration.

Main Features include:
* Calendar Sync
* Contact Sync
* Automated Email Archiving
* Drive Sync

Google Apps Syncing in SugarCRM
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SugarCRM plugin that bridges the gap between TWILIO & SUGARCRM to establish connection with your customers. A state-of-the-art telephony solution for Voice (Inbound and Outbound) and SMS to run your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

Main features include:
* Click-to-call
* Call Recording
* SMS and Scheduled SMS
* Call Forwarding


SugarCRM plugin that helps you close business deals faster and in a better way by bridging the gap between SugarCRM & DocuSign. Send your contracts and have them signed by your customers from any browser, or on any mobile device, within minutes.

Main features include:
* PDF Templates
* DocuSign Dashlets
* Realtime Updates
* Manage Document Packets

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