Why Is Salesforce The CRM Of Choice For Real Estate Industry

By Robert Ulrich

The real estate industry has seen a huge shift in the way its day-to-day operations are carried out. From using old, tried, and tested methods of gathering clients, managing data, and encouraging sales, real estate agents have moved to a more technologically advanced and organized way of conducting business. This has led to an increased need to use platforms that allow real estate agents to optimize their sales whilst managing customer data in an organized manner.

The demand for new and improved technology to cater to the needs of the real estate industry has lead to the advent of real estate CRM. The need for a CRM platform in real estate is felt when users need to handle a complex array of data that must be organized in a useable manner. Moreover, there is a need to introduce greater flexibility, mobility, and better client relations, all of which can be achieved with the help of a CRM platform.

Salesforce comes with just the right features that allow it to be used in the real estate industry. Having a simple interface, without complex setup procedures, easy customizability, and great flexibility afforded by cloud computing, Salesforce is the CRM of choice when it comes to the real estate industry.

So how exactly does the real estate industry benefit from CRM platforms like Salesforce? Let’s find out!

Better Data Handling

The real estate industry entails lead generation and contact management from a variety of different sources. Companies get in touch with a number of clients every day from various sources. In order to keep track of every lead, without losing out on potential clients, agents need to keep all their information in a centralized database. Keeping all the relevant information in an easily accessible place allows real estate agents to get a holistic view of their business as well as determine where improvements need to be made. This database is accessible to them from anywhere, which is essential since real estate agents are always on the move.

Automate Tasks

Managing a real estate business entails organizing the same data for each new lead and going through similar, repetitive tasks for each new client or property. Maintenance of this data is essential to a successful Real Estate CRM, however, the task can consume far too much time and effort, leaving behind lesser time to concentrate on bigger tasks such as the actual client dealings. With the help of the Salesforce CRM, users can save the time spent in data handling by setting up the CRM tool to automatically populate data and fill out contact forms. Important files and information can also be fetched automatically by the tool, should that be required.

Additionally, the platform can also keep track of important events and dates and keep the users informed of any important upcoming client dealings. All this allows the users to concentrate on more important aspects of the business without having to worry about maintaining and keeping track of the data.

Ensure Efficient Communication

Clients in the real estate industry expect to be in frequent communication with realtors. In many cases, the client’s relationship with the agent develops from a purely transactional one to that of trust and confidence. In order to achieve this, realtors need to be available to their clients at any time, from anywhere.

The biggest way in which Salesforce contributes to this is by being a cloud-based CRM platform. Since the CRM is not tied to any physical or on-premise aspect, users can stay in touch with clients remotely. Email notifications can be received instantaneously so that clients can get answers to any queries in good time. In some cases, personalized and automatic email responses can also be sent to the clients, ensuring that communication channels are still open, even if the agent is temporarily unavailable.

Build Better Customer Relations

As discussed earlier, clients can establish a trusting relationship with the users and this results in the clients preferring to conduct further business with them too. A crucial move that real estate agents need to make is to stay in touch with older clients over the years. This can be achieved by sending them occasional, non-intrusive emails that might highlight any new updates on the real estate end. This simple act of communication encourages the client to not only communicate with the same agent in the future but also recommend them to others. In this manner, a lasting customer relationship is established.

Evaluate Your Performance

Since the Salesforce real estate CRM would give users a full 360-degree view of their business operations, it is much more convenient to determine whether the current methods or mods of operation are successful or not. The CRM platform is designed in such a way that users can measure their relative successes and determine whether their current operations yield fruitful results or not. In this manner, a constant self-assessment enables users to keep moving forward and not get stuck in an unproductive phase.

Integrate With AppExchange

One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce CRM for real estate purposes is that Salesforce allows for easy integration of other real estate applications. The AppExchange has relevant applications such as Agenthub, Property Base, Cumulus, and many more, that can easily be integrated into the Salesforce platform. This enables data to be synced bi-directionally and allows important client or estate related information to be shared between the two platforms. In this way, Salesforce Integration can achieve added functionality that the original platform did not have.

Leverage RT Labs’ Expertise

RT Labs enables its clients to tailor their Salesforce CRM platform according to their industry applications. A real estate business could use a customized platform that focused on cultivating good contacts with their clients and maintaining a strong database of client and real estate information. The specific needs of the users can be met by our certified Salesforce CRM team with great professionalism, keeping in mind the exact needs of the users.

RT Labs, being an Official Salesforce Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including Salesforce Customisation, Integration Migration, and Support. Contact Us now by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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