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By Robert Ulrich

QuickBooks is a useful accounting software that is popularly used in small to medium-sized enterprises. The software enables its users to manage and pay bills, carry out payroll functions as well as accept business payments. The software is an essential tool for speeding up business procedures and ensuring accurate accounting practices.

Integrating QuickBooks with CRMs such as Salesforce allows users to seamlessly manage their business operations, without having to switch between platforms. Salesforce, being an open-source CRM platform, allows for integrations such as these to be executed and enables users to tailor their CRM platform just according to their needs.

So what exact benefits can users yield from an integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks? Let’s explore!

How To Integrate?

Salesforce increases user convenience by allowing users to quickly integrate third-party applications using the AppExchange. AppExchange acts as a cloud-based marketplace, where users of CRM platforms can browse and choose the best application that addresses their needs. AppExchange offers several different integration options when it comes to integration with QuickBooks.

In order to integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce, users must first browse the platform to narrow down the exact applications that might be helpful. The same integration can be offered by several different third-party applications. For example, for integration with QuickBooks, AppExchange offers several applications like breadwinner, DBSync, InterWeave, and many more.

Once the best-suited application is selected by users, they must review a fully functional demo of the application as a read-only user and devise a methodology to implement the integration. Once a successful plan of action has been created, users then install the application and all related components and add them to the Salesforce platform. Finally, the users can deploy the integration and use it as they please.

Benefits Of Integrating Salesforce And QuickBooks

The integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks can greatly improve the overall performance of a business and its employees. With the help of the integration, users can handle data in a much more efficient manner and enjoy added functionalities that ease-up the mundane and repetitive data handling tasks.

Comprehensive Overview Of The Business

Users can get a complete, 360-degree view of their business with the help of the integration. With the accounting details in the same place as the leads, opportunities, and contacts, users can make inferences about the clients and their needs, thereby improving their overall performance. It is also a good way to keep track of the overall success of the business.

Increased Profitability

Integrating the two platforms allows the sales to boost, along with productivity and revenue. This is due to the fact that the integration allows better visibility into the customer data. With the knowledge of profitable transactions, users can push to engage in similar deals with new leads of similar profiles.

Save Time And Effort

The mundane task of data entry and modification is made very easy with the integration. Instead of having the two platforms having their own database and information, one comprehensive platform with all the required information is the best way to consolidate all that data. This allows users to save on considerable time that would otherwise have been spent on data entry tasks. The Auto-generation of invoices also adds to the overall efficiency. To top that, newly generated invoices are also self-populated using the data available.

Streamlined Communication Between Departments

With the help of the Salesforce and QuickBooks integration, the sales and the accounting departments of the business come in direct contact with each other and share the same information. This direct line of communication enables the two departments to be on the same page and resolve any issues that come up seamlessly.

Easy Access

The QuickBooks data is available to be viewed on the Salesforce platform once the integration is done. With access to the data available, both the sales and accounting teams can carry out their activities without having to request data access every time. This data includes the latest financial information about the clients, including any arrears and unpaid invoices.

Better Contact Management

The contacts that businesses might have over on QuickBooks can be displayed in Salesforce after the integration is done. This includes customer and vendor information, along with any custom fields, such as parent-child companies.

Invoice Statuses Tracked

The entire team of employees in a business can view the tracking status of invoices. This allows a degree of efficiency and transparency in the business proceedings and allows for easier and faster invoice collections. It also enables teams to stay informed about the status of various transactions.

How Can We Help?

At RT Labs, we provide our customers with the best Salesforce Integrations that allow them to boost their efficiency and incorporate added functionalities. With the help of our certified team, you can integrate your Salesforce platform with QuickBooks to allow your CRM platform to have the added functionality of managing an accounting software.


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