Magento Product Recommendations for Your Customers

By Robert Ulrich

An e-commerce store alone is not enough to instigate demand for whatever it may be your firm is selling. Putting products in front of your customers’ eyes could be that push they need to reach do business with you. You can do this by recommending products to your customers based on their online behaviour. Don’t worry, you will not be choosing what to recommend, that’s up to Magento Product Recommendations.
Magento has an AI engine called Adobe Sensei which powers Magento Product Recommendations. An algorithm that is well-suited to recommending the right products is a must as it automates experiences for customers. User behaviour is defined as the products being browsed, the pages they choose to visit, and other site functions. It is when customers come across the product they want will they even think about making a purchase. This is why it’s so important to have personalised recommendations so that attention is diverted towards what they might like

Features of Magento Product Recommendations

Cloud Service

Magento Product Recommendations is powered by Magento’s own cloud service, which is powered by Adobe in the backend. You won’t be sharing your own internet bandwidth with the computations involved by AI and can continue workflows as normal. This creates a smoother and more personalised experience for your customers. You can have better customer retention this way when you have an easy to navigate online store. 

Recommendation Repository

You now have access to a large collection of recommendation types at your disposal. Depending on what it is your business sells, you can get the appropriate type applied to your online store. Optimise your site according to your needs and personalise the shopping experience for everyone. Having the right recommendations will make it more likely for customers to respond favourably to what they see.

Streamlined Workflows and Metrics

You can check how your recommendations are faring at any time with real-time analytics. Existing recommendations can also be tinkered around according to your needs quite easily with the editor tool. Simply follow the on-screen steps on the dedicated page and customise the recommendation to include what you need

Trending Page

Based on what the most popular products and services are on your website, this page will include them all. Items on the page will be the ones that had the most interactions or purchases. These include items that were either most viewed, purchased, or added to the cart. 

Item Recommendations

Item recommendations are influenced by how many customers are actually buying from you. This way, when Magento Product Recommendations gives a recommendation it is the one that is most likely to be purchased. This way you can almost immediately increase more sales from your Magento e-commerce platform.

Similar Content Recommendations

Group products and services together that share similar parameters like the product category, tags, and many more. This is the simplest type and is appropriate for almost all products and services. 

Shopper Recommendations

A truly personalised form of recommendation, catering to just the individual consumer. Consumers get personalised suggestions based on their browsing history.

Powered by Adobe Sensei

The artificial intelligence that runs through Magento Product Recommendations is termed Adobe Sensei. It is running on the industry standard and is used in all Adobe products where it is required. Use this to your advantage and learn from each interaction someone makes with your website.

Automated Tagging

The moment you start deploying your store pages, they also automatically go through the tagging process. Based on what tags your previously developed pages used, the new tags will start being set accordingly. To achieve all of this, you won’t be needing any complex knowledge of Magento website development. Once that is done, new traffic starts getting analysed by Adobe Sensei.
This is the point where you start seeing the initial effects of Magento Product Recommendations begin to form.

Integration with Adobe

Magento Product Recommendations also gives you access to Magento integration. Along with other Adobe and Magento features. The latest functionality added is the integration with Magento Page Builder. You can now incorporate your recommendations alongside your content with an easy to use drag-and-drop tool. Now that recommendations are treated as content, you can manipulate them and move them around as such. Magento Page Builder combined with Magento customisations will really propel your business business.

Magento Product Recommendations for Your Business

So there you have it. Magento Product Recommendations does the thinking for you and caters to customers on both a mass and individual level. Help people get to what they want with ease with this unique tool!
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