Magento for Mobile Commerce

By Robert Ulrich

Mobile is the future. Both e-commerce and Mobile have been gaining traction in the past decade and have become their own industry. Magento has become the main facilitator in the e-commerce market, allowing companies to have a superior shopping experience online. Most online shoppers these days start their journey on their mobile devices. Magento for Mobile Commerce acts as a way to replicate the same website experience on a PC but optimised for mobile phones. 

Features of Mobile Commerce

Responsive Design

We live in a world that sees constant innovation in the smartphone industry. That usually means a plethora of different screen sizes and aspect ratios, but also means a harder time for website developers. With such a large variety of phones, they have to make sure their online e-commerce store behaves appropriately on each of these devices.

Magento Mobile Commerce will enable you to create e-commerce websites from built-in responsive design reference themes. Deliver great shopping experiences for anyone and on any device present. Combining Magento website development with mobile will give you a significant advantage against the competition.

Mobile-Friendly Checkout

More and more people visit e-commerce websites on their mobile but are afraid of making that final transaction. Traffic is increasing but the conversion rates remain low, this will be less of a problem with Magento’s mobile-friendly checkout. This coupled with major payment gateways like PayPal will give the user comfort to complete the transaction then and there. 

As a result, the entire Magento e-commerce experience will become swift and without second guesses.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Viewing websites on your phone is known to be less optimized than an app, and considerably more clunky. With PWA, a front-end development tool that can create mobile experiences that mirror the experience of using an application. This cuts down the need to create your own mobile app, instead, you can achieve similar functionality in their browser. You can create more engaging content to work on the browser, make it faster, and more engaging. Increase conversion rates and hence boost engagement with the PWA studio.

Compatible with Magento Products

Your mobile e-commerce store will benefit from the already robust Magento ecosystem of products and tools. Anything you have already been using for your standard PC website, you can then implement on your mobile site. 

These include the essentials:

Magento Order Management

Magento has a top of the line order management system that enables flexible and cost-effective delivery. This enables you to bridge the gap between the store and the customer and enhance their experience. Keeping track of all your orders is now snappier than ever before. Order Management doesn’t harm your sales even if you have partially incomplete inventory information and manages it across different channels. You can also customise Magento so that your orders are managed to your exact specifications.

Magento Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence also applies to your mobile store! You can receive mobile-specific information as well, and see exactly where your customers shop more. Automatically receive insights on who your top customers with visualised and easy to understand reports for analysis. You can also analyse how your promotions on the site have been performing and whether they’ve reached the right people. Integrating Magento with a CRM will have you make better use of the business intelligence received.

Summing Up

Once you create your Magento e-commerce store to work with mobile, it opens up huge growth opportunities for your business. In this always-online world, you can take advantage of all the people constantly on their phones. Make the layout more mobile-friendly to cater to these kinds of customers, Magento will provide you with all the tools. 

So get started with a Magento website on a mobile platform now, and conquer customers wherever they may be.



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