Magento Empowers Growth for New E-Commerce Businesses

By Robert Ulrich

Taking the big step to launch your online business store? Congrats on that, however launching an e-commerce store is far more complex than just having a website. Well, the good part is that you are headed in the right direction as you search for the perfect platform. Give your business a huge favor by starting on the easy-to-use Magento eCommerce platform. Let’s uncover why Magento is the best eCommerce platform for startups.

What is Magento?

Remember your e-commerce store is not a traditional store, here you don’t need a shelf-and-mortar physical store but a online robust store that makes up the whole customer experience. As in any store, you will need a store manager thus for an e-commerce store you will need a platform and that is what Magento is.

Magento for eCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers e-commerce website-building capabilities. 

  • Easily manage and create web pages, product descriptions, blog posts, and other promotional content with drag and drop for your product. 
  • No more guessing on publish as you can view as you edit option shows you real-time changes you make to the site. 
  • Make your website as unique as your product with custom changes to the web page with content edits, content blocks, and the design and theme of the page. 
  • Magento is a one-stop shop with third-party integration, to get all the possible tools for setting up your new ecommerce store. 
  • Magento is highly flexible with its integrations and scalability, it expands as your e-commerce business does from a startup to a full-blown e-commerce giant.

Magento advantages for your new e-commerce business 

Coming to the main question why use Magento for ecommerce, even when you are just starting out?

  • SEO and marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice that will make your store come up in Google searches, ideally in the first 10 places. Magento offers advanced SEO tools to attach the right meta tags and canonicals so the store rises when someone searches for a relevant product. Without this, no one will know you exist.

  • Global reach

This added functionality is a great deal when offering your products worldwide. It is a lost sale when your customer learns, at checkout, that you don’t have a specific payment option when that is their only option. With Magento’s great multilingual, multicurrency support, various payment gateways, and shipping options, this barrier will no longer be there. 

  • Extension and integration

Magento is highly customizable where you can integrate various software solutions such as Salesforce for customer relationship management. You can seamlessly connect payment options like Stripe and PayPal. Mailchimp can enable marketing automation and facilitate other marketing activities. 

  • User-friendliness

Out of all the reasons to adopt Magento, one more would be how easy it is to manage the platform. Its ‘what you see is what you edit’ editor style makes it easier to edit the required fields. Adding and designing new pages is very easy with given content blocks and content widgets.

  • Mobile responsiveness

It ensures that your site consistently shows up to enable mobile commerce. Easy navigation and enhanced page loading speed and with a great content theme, you can engage your visitors better leading to trust and sales.

  • AI/ML for improved customer experience

You can enable product suggestions based on customer analysis. This auto-suggest feature pushes customers to explore more options. With ML, you can empower chatbots for faster customer service and query resolution. It can guide customers to a purchase decision. Additionally, managing inventory becomes easy.  Based on previous sales data, it can predict inventory levels, stockouts, excess, etc. This saves you inventory costs and losses by predicting the demand and placing orders for your inventory in advance. 

  • Personalized pages for various segments

With Magento personalization, you can customize your landing and promotional pages by segmenting and target your visitors separately. This advanced targeting and segmentation feature is based on customer attributes like browsing history, purchases, location preferences, etc. With enhanced targeting, you lead to higher conversion rates. 

  • Cross-selling and upselling opportunities

As a new e-commerce business, make the most of every visitor. The platform can strategically place product recommendations. With this, you open up cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Such greater selling opportunities increase sales.

How To Create Ecommerce Website In Magento?

So, you’ve got an amazing idea for your online store, but how do you build it? You can DIY, with the basic open-source platform but there is a learning curve. You can score yourself and see how much of a tech wizard are you to deal with all stuff techy. A second option here is to simply hire professional Magento developers and save yourself the hassle of building a Magento e-commerce site. They can create customized Magento eCommerce sites with all the necessary integrations and customizations to ensure the smooth working of your store. With a seamless customized store layout you are delivering a smooth customer experience throughout building customer loyalty.


So here you have it, Magento’s e-commerce platform is all you need to start an eCommerce business. It offers flexibility and scalability in structure for highly customizable e-commerce websites streamlined with business objectives. With an open framework, you can do integrations, extensions, and plugins to expand website features as it grows. Hiring Magento developers can ensure a feature-rich e-commerce platform for your startup. With the right structure, you can easily set up a store that will remain highly flexible and scalable as your business grows.

Start with the open-source version and once your team is acquainted with the platform, you can go for the paid version. It’s a good way to test the platform’s capabilities for your new e-commerce business without investing too much upfront. 

Looking to set up your new e-commerce store with the Magento e-commerce platform? Partner with Magento developers and make a highly customized store that generates ample revenue.

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