Easy E-Commerce with Magento Order Management

By Robert Ulrich

The e-commerce industry as we all know is one of the largest growing industries in the world. With the world being as globalized as it is, there is an almost endless demand for getting products delivered overseas. This is also why its competitive nature shows, with everyone struggling to reach the highest standard possible for their customers.

This competitive nature makes everyone select the most robust e-commerce platforms available, which is why people choose Magento platform over others. Magento gives you access to a large suite of features that really do take online stores to the next level. 

The main feature that we will talk about today though, is Magento Order Management. Businesses that tend to have a large number of brands, stores and warehouses typically benefit greatly from it. A better experience for your business model also translates to a superior customer experience, leading to higher retention rates. 

Going through the features of Magento Order Management below, it becomes easy to see how all this comes to be.

Simple Catalogue Management

A standard message update is all it takes to import catalogue information automatically onto the Magento e-commerce Platform. Similarly, you can also easily request an export from the platform to another area, such as to people who have subscribed to your newsletter. 

Each product in your Magento store is assigned its own unique stock keeping unit or SKU for easy management. Types of SKUs supported for import are physical, service, virtual, and bundle. You can also record products that do not take up physical space such as services.

Inventory Tracking

Magento Order Management keeps all inventory information in a centralized location. The information included is across different warehouses, distribution centres, and other physical sites like stores. You can easily check the availabilities of certain products by simply checking the SKU assigned to them. The number of products, as well as the locations it is present in, are then displayed to you. This accounts for products currently in-flight but not yet sold so that no reporting errors can be made here. In-flight orders can be immediately seen where they are at any moment in time.

With Magento Order Management, you can check where your inventory is present on a global scale and make better decisions. 

Multichannel Support

Magento Order Management lets you turn the likes of stores and partners into mini-distribution centres. Customers can also easily view the store inventory so that they gain more options from where to make a purchase. An order can ship directly from the store when a product is not available for delivery in the warehouse. Alternatively, products can be shipped to the store solely for the purpose of the customer picking them up. Whichever the customer chooses, it is vital that they are given flexible options so that a purchase is likely. 

Backorders are available where you can sell items not in stock from the warehouse, the customer is made known beforehand. Apart from this, carrier management is available which integrates Order Management with the customer’s carrier of choice. 

Streamlined Customer Service

Inventory is always present for real-time viewing by all customers. Customer queries can be resolved quickly due to them being able to view and track order progress when they please. Ease of use of this entire process is also achieved through the simple to understand user interface.

All information related to billing, payment options, amount due, and shipping address is available in the order details. An after-sales section details the transaction history the customer has done, with timestamps and space to make comments. 

These combined features will make it easier to deal with customers for issues like refunds, returns, and modifying shipping addresses.


Magento Order Management carries out monitoring at every moment to make sure all business processes are running smoothly. Processes not running properly are reported to the relevant people and overall troubleshooting is given. 

It is ensured that any major transaction issue is addressed immediately.

What Can We Do For You?

Magento is one of the most robust platforms out there for e-commerce. With the proper website development, you too can take advantage of all it has to offer. Not only that, but you can also enhance your experience with Magento CRM integration, and use the data anywhere. Do all of these, and our Magento online store can be taken to new heights!


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