Amazon Monitron: Protect Equipment with Machine Learning

By Robert Ulrich

Amazon Monitron is Amazon’s way of applying machine learning to the more tangible aspects of industries. Meant for industrial machinery, you can now use advanced machine learning to detect behaviour changes, leading to timely maintenance. Never experience any unprecedented hassles again with this unique solution, making sure your machinery is always performing at its best.

This does, however, require some hardware in order to work. You’ll need to get some sensors installed that can allow for the analysis of machinery data in real time. Combine that with the AWS infrastructure which provides you with storage and compute capacity, and you can scan your machinery. This beats out other solutions which have to be created from the ground-up for specific machines and tests. That would take months of planning alone, let alone the actual implementation of it. 

You don’t have to get a specific sensor created or installed for your usage. AWS provides Amazon Monitron sensors that can be used in any type of machinery you have available. The process of creating custom sensors is extremely difficult and costly, making it a reason companies generally go without them. 

Amazon Monitron has a small ecosystem of devices that make it work as intended, let’s go through them. 

Amazon Monitron Ecosystem

Amazon Monitron Sensors

Attach these sensors to almost any kind of equipment, even on moving parts like motors, gearboxes, pumps, and fans. These will measure the vibration and temperature data retrieved from your equipment and transfer it to AWS using gateway devices. Tracking equipment status becomes extremely simplistic and can be implemented in mere minutes this way. 

Amazon Monitron Gateway

These devices take all of the information gathered by the sensors and send it to AWS. Amazon Monitron Gateways use a Bluetooth connection to communicate with the sensors, then uses WiFi to connect with AWS. They receive updates the same way smartphones do, over the internet. The hardware will thus be constantly improving over the lifetime of your installation.

AWS uses machine learning to learn from your equipment readings at this stage.

Amazon Monitron Mobile App

The Amazon Monitron Mobile Application makes it easy to view sensor readings and much more. Receive timely notifications on your smartphone the moment abnormal behaviour is detected by any of the sensors. This gives you time to take action immediately, either from onsite or from afar, to avoid downtime at all cost.

Using machine learning, you can start monitoring equipment health immediately to find any faults in machinery. Predictive maintenance can help you avoid faults as a whole, start observing when equipment starts to deviate, and take action.

The Perks of having Amazon Monitron

Inexpensive Monitoring

Amazon Monitron provides an inexpensive alternative to machinery monitoring. Compared to other hardware providers it is very cheap and uses a pay-as-you-go model for the overall usage.

Monitoring in Minutes

Once you set up the devices and the mobile application, you can start monitoring your equipment in a few minutes. You will start receiving alerts when it starts detecting activity that is different from the norm you defined for it. There is no need to have a machine learning expert on board nor any development required. 

Detect Issues before they happen

Amazon Monitron detects issues in your machines in a timely manner, keeping that up lets you avoid issues. You can act quickly on those abnormalities and save your machine from reaching a state of repair. This will help your company cut down on costs as well as almost never have any downtime.

Secure AWS Network

The connection between the sensors, gateways, and AWS is constantly on and encrypted. This can be done with either AWS-managed or customer-provided encryption keys that are used to secure the connection. The hardware is also protected by unique keys that are generated when the device was in production. This extra layer of security makes it so that other devices cannot access the Amazon Monitron network.

A Summary

Amazon Monitron lets you use Amazon’s superior machine learning prowess to make sure your machines are at their best. Having repairs done on machines is extremely heavy on anyone’s budget, timely maintenance through AWS is the key here.


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