5 Best Practices for Your Magento Website Redesign

By Robert Ulrich

Magento is the perfect platform for your e-commerce business because it allows for great website development to be done. A business needs to adapt to changes in consumer perceptions and the market in order to still be viable. That is why occasionally you may need to look inwards at how your business presents itself on your website.

The need to redesign your website to appeal to consumers more is a valid strategy from a marketing perspective. Going through our Magento website development process will enable responsive design and everything else you need for a smooth redesign. The benefits of implementing it are massive especially in the long run and can change your brand image for the better. 

Here are some of the best practices when implementing good website design and development to make your Magento store soar.

Do not Use your Own Persona for Customers

Too often do designers and even people like yourself may think that what they think is what works best. Website design and development actually involves some research into what most consumers would prefer as opposed to what you prefer. This is known as the assumption trap, just because it can solve your problem doesn’t mean it will for others. Needs are not set in stone on an individual level instead a one size fits all approach must be adopted.

While things may seem obvious to you as an individual they might not always work out the way you intended. It is obviously important to solve challenges and meet your business goals along the way. But it is important to remember that you are not your customer and your design should be friendly to people. Customise your Magento in a way that caters to your target market.

Always Track E-Commerce Website Development Changes

Along with the new design and development changes, you will also be adding new features to your e-commerce website. Keeping track of them is especially important as they could be having a significant impact on your website’s performance. You might be thinking what you have implemented works flawlessly and consumers will come to appreciate it. Whether that is true or false, you will never know unless you track these changes seriously.

Integrating your CRM with Magento is the best way to track changes taking place on your e-commerce website. CRM like Odoo or SuiteCRM is perfect for Magento and will keep track of all your e-commerce website development activities. Making new features and website redesigns is hard work, make sure you start defining their impact from now on. Doing so will let you know exactly what is working and what should be discarded.

Responsive Web Design

A simple one but designers often forget to double-check. You may be using a nice monitor at work when designing your website and it’s turning out to look fantastic. Your audience won’t necessarily feel that way if you did not keep their screen sizes in mind. Forget the monitors, most people will view your sites on their phones for convenience, so keep that in mind.

Sticking with this practice will make sure that changes you make are reflected well for everyone. Your screen is obviously where you see changes instantaneously, so setting it up for others is the way to go. 

Do not let something as basic as aspect ratios get in the way of implementing new features in your Magento website development. Find out the most common resolutions and sizes and focus on them first, then move on to the others. 

Establish Simple Category Hierarchy Beforehand

E-Commerce websites have to have categories set up so that customers can go and look for what they want. Just having them set up is not enough, they must be intuitive and simple depending on your industry.

Many businesses all over fall trap to abusing this feature to the point where it becomes hard to navigate. The key is to have broad categories with subcategories within them, This parent and child relationship will make it easier for consumers to understand how to get to what they need. 

If your industry is a niche focusing on one thing then it’s alright to have relatively complex hierarchies. That is because it is most likely understood by your customers beforehand and they can hence navigate through. 

A good structure of this on your website will help form a more positive, organised, and hence more credible image. 

Use The Best Search Functions

Searching on e-commerce platforms is a criminally underrated feature and needs to be utilised more often. Too many online stores these days have implemented their in-site search poorly which results in people leaving. Search is how most people on your website will look for what they want. 

Your website’s search functions should recognise synonyms and spelling mistakes. The perfect product that your customer needs could be lying somewhere on the site and a good search feature is what will lead them straight to it. A good search will save whatever the user typed before so that they can make adjustments the next time. Conveniences at these crucial stages are what will help in keeping your website bustling with traffic. 

What’s more, search entries should be shared for internal use. Knowing specific customer searches can help you understand how to refine it even further for them.


Now that’s how you take advantage of Magento website development and allow your e-commerce platform to soar. Website redesigns may take some time but they are definitely worth it in the long run for your business. Good e-commerce website development is essential in every business, as online is the key to moving forward. 

These should be implemented carefully and tracked so that the cause of every benefit and disbenefit can be identified. With that in mind, rushing any of these changes could prove harmful. Having a plan on what you hope to achieve with your site is vital before the actual design overhauls. Utilise the rest of the practices above to make sure that the process of handling your online store becomes easier.

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