2 Major Industry Verticals Supported by SugarCRM

By Robert Ulrich

The real test for any CRM is its ability to support various industry verticals. Companies within specific industries require extensive customizations. More importantly, they want a CRM which can not only manage interactions with customers but also streamline touch points with different stakeholders and vendors. SugarCRM provides optimal solutions for all kinds of businesses.

As an open-source CRM, Sugar is amenable to several customizations. It can be tailored to the unique needs of your company. This is made possible by the option to create unique modules and dashboards in SugarCRM. Additionally, Sugar can be integrated with several third-party software including but not limited to marketing automation platforms, accounting software, and sales funnel optimization tools like Mautic, Marketo and Quickbooks. Sugar and Zapier integration can further facilitate the process of adding third-party solutions to your CRM.  Together these options guarantee a seamless CRM implementation to cater to the needs of businesses belonging to any industry.

Let’s take a look at how Sugar provides a refined solution for some of the major industries. 

Financial Sector 

Companies geared towards the provision of financial services have to constantly deal with changing situations. Similarly, advisors in the financial ecosystem have to align the expectation of the clients to the fluctuations in the stock market. To accomplish this herculean task, they need a collaborative platform that can guarantee transparency, accountability, and visibility as well as smooth channels of communication between clients and their financial advisors. With Sugar, you would have nothing to worry about. The benefits of adopting Sugar for smaller financial services firms are even more. 

You can build dedicated modules for investors and prospects. The investor’s module can hold all the important client information while the prospects’ module will host information regarding potential investors. The modules can be synchronized with your sales and marketing channels to streamline lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. You can seamlessly integrate all the key entities in the company’s dashboard. The Dashboard will give your advisors a 360 view of investors, potential clients as well as trends in the financial markets. They can thus be empowered to make effective decisions. 

Individual task lists can work in tandem with the goals set by the company. The number of closed, open, and target leads can be displayed on your dashboard. In addition to effective project management tools and optimized communication with clients, companies in the financial sector can benefit immensely from the predictive analytics and forecasting tools in Sugar’s suite. These tools have been made all the more effective by the integration of Artificial Intelligence in Sugar. You can thus benefit from Sugar’s dynamic reporting capabilities.

Automotive Industry 

Adopting a highly effective CRM for your automobile business will lead to higher profitability. This is because CRM gives you the tools to expand your outreach and orchestrate highly effective marketing campaigns. More importantly, though, CRM gives you the capability to manage the myriad of variables governing consumer choices. Research indicates that consumers are more likely to weigh in more factors before making a big purchase like a car. Sugar will enable you to live up to these expectations. 

First of all, with SugarCRM, you would be able to create separate modules for dealers, customers, deals, future opportunities, and buyers. These modules can be synchronized to create a synthesized ecosystem.  A synchronized system will lead to better sales management. Additionally, you can track insurances, contracts, pipeline projects, map locations, and enhance inventory management through a unified platform provided by Sugar. Since everything is linked, your data will be automatically updated. The accompanying task automation will increase the productivity of your business. Similarly, your website can be linked to the inventory module in Sugar, you do not have to worry about updating the status of certain products. This also ensures quicker resolution of queries created on the website since they would be automatically directed to the relevant channel in your CRM. 

We have already talked about the value added by Sugar’s holistic reporting module. You can harness the full potential of your business by using the productivity enhancement tools in Sugar. These include calendar management, task, and activity trackers, and customized dashboards. 

Take Away! 

SugarCRM provides robust solutions to a plethora of industry verticals. In addition to being a highly customizable and easily deployable solution, Sugar is also available on mobile devices Now, you can manage your business on the go. Since it is a very popular solution, Sugar has a rich community of developers and users around the globe. You can get the most appropriate advice simply by reaching out to people in the community.  Additionally, Sugar is updated quarterly. This means that the latest technological advancements are just an update away for you. 

If you are looking to adopt SugarCRM for your industry, look no further and reach out to us at RT Labs. We are official SugarCRM Partners and adept at implementing customizations and integrations on Sugar. We also offer a bunch of great plugin options to enhance the functionality of your CRM. Book a free consultation session with us to get your business evaluated. 


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