SugarCRM Customisations

Each business in the world has a unique model and an out of the box SugarCRM may not yield optimal results for each and every Sugar user. However, you can take comfort in the fact that SugarCRM is highly customisable and can be aligned to the size, processes and operations of your unique business. Therefore, we make sure that your SugarCRM is tailored to match all your business requirements. At RTLabs, our team of SugarCRM experts takes pride in its vast experience in

* Building and implementing new functionalities in SugarCRM
* SugarCRM integration with other systems
* Creating Custom workflows/processes
* Data migration

We use the Sugar system’s functionality for building optimal solutions and augmenting it with unique features. For example;
* Module builder to create new functionalities and entities.
* Workflow manager to automate business processes.
* Studio to create new layouts and customising data fields.

We ensure that our best-of-breed upgrade safe SugarCRM solution aligns your overall business strategy and helps you with a range of customer-centric challenges such as sales productivity, marketing effectiveness, customer service and much more.