Improve Salesforce Performance with 5 Research-Based Insights

By Robert Ulrich

All the businesses, to cope up with the ever-growing marketing needs have to adopt new digital solutions that increase customer engagement and that’s when you see visible profitability of the business. But the fact is all the CRMs, including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft unable to obtain desired results. Many organizations fail to make return-oriented strategies and hence get deprived results. There has been a data collection from different sources where it states multiple reasons for the below-average performance of CRM users.

The few reasons stated were lack of scalability, reliance on manual practices, and zero support for remote connectivity. There are 5 research-based insights that help you recognize potential lags in CRM practice and will help you achieve true business potential.

Rely on Security and Remote Work Connectivity

How businesses operate in terms of CRM development and adoption has been changed lately. Security and remote work connectivity have been labelled as the number one preference among low-cost solutions, high security, and remote work connectivity of the vendors like Salesforce. According to a recent survey, 51% votes for trust and security, and the other 67% said they would go for remote workforce connectivity for their CRM software. with these stats we can see firms, in the near future will rely heavily on CRM’s with security and remote work connectivity.

Make CRM’s Resilient to Future

CRM systems are critical in ensuring business resiliency, according to research findings. Due to a lack of well-integrated systems, 57% of executives reported, that it’s difficult to maintain strong customer experiences in today’s times where enterprises are mostly working remotely. Employees are unable to access the resources they require for unified customer engagement, resulting in a significant drop in productivity, communication, and collaboration within firms. Businesses want well-integrated, easy-to-access cloud CRMs to increase CRM performance and meet current and emerging operational needs. Executives can embrace go-to-market strategies in unpredictable times with greater worker resiliency.

Do not make CRM Limited to Sales and Service Operations

When CRM was introduced the only purpose it serves is to get basic customer information. Today it serves a lot more than that, such as it caters to the business needs ranging from sales and marketing, IoT, service to e-commerce, etc.  In the recent survey, many Salesforce consulting partners are expecting that Salesforce must expand beyond sales/service support in the next few years. With the new development in technologies and increased competition, the time new Salesforce product launches the firms will be able to implement operation-centric solutions in their software ecosystems.


Single Source of Truth to Overcome Data Silos

CRM division is definitely linked to data silos. Many firms follow the practice of having a distinct CRM for each department. Because data is not shared centrally, it has an influence on customer experience and service speed. According to a study, 57% of companies think that silos have a detrimental influence on the quality of customer and prospect interactions. Businesses must invest in centralized solutions while minimizing their reliance on old systems to eliminate silos. Data will be more easily available, arranged, and used for more return-oriented consumer encounters with a single source of truth.

Artificial Intelligence will Define the Future of CRM’s

Modern CRMs don’t just collect, store, and use data for marketing, sales, and service operations; they also offer automation, which helps to offload repetitive tasks and shorten work cycles. The usage of AI recommendations improves the decision-making capabilities of companies that help with focused client acquisition. By 2023, it is expected that 79 percent of businesses will use AI-powered CRMs to improve client prospecting. We were able to alleviate a similar percentage of staff from day-to-day processes as one of the major Salesforce consulting firms.

Final Words

The true potential of the business lies only in the fact that firms should come up with a CRM strategy that is entirely focused on overcoming the past and catering to the future needs of their businesses. With the increase in digitization and advanced technologies coming in, businesses must implement CRM software that is scalable reset, and advanced. 


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