Top 5 Salesforce Industry Verticals

By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution with the potential to make industries more efficient by providing them just the right business management solutions. With the potential to streamline their business operations with the help of the Salesforce CRM platform, industries leverage the open-source and cloud-based nature of Salesforce to further their sales as well as revenue.

With the industry demands in mind, Salesforce has come up with several industry-specific CRM solutions that address the exact needs of the clients. While the basic functionalities of a CRM platform that are required in any application are common, each industry also has its own specific needs that need to be addressed by a tailored CRM. This has led to the increased popularity of Salesforce industry solutions.

So what industry solutions does Salesforce offer? And which other industry verticals require the use of a tailored Salesforce CRM platform? Let’s explore!


Healthcare service providers can benefit immensely from adopting a CRM platform to help organize the large amounts of data and patients they have to encounter. With the help of the Salesforce health cloud, users can get a closer look into individual patient cases by creating one-to-one patient journeys. This allows healthcare professionals to get to know the patient, be well aware of their medical history and establish a comfortable rapport with them, making the experience comfortable for the patient, and easy for the professional.

The health cloud also allows professionals from across the organization to stay informed and in touch with each other. This helps specifically when a single patient is seeking the help of multiple professionals. This not only allows doctors to be on the same page about parallel treatments but also enables them to make considerations on the basis of their complicated medical history. This is also a good means of reassuring patients that the healthcare providers are considerate of their issues and helps establish trust between the two parties.


One of the most popularly used industry applications of Salesforce is the retail industry. With a CRM specifically designed for retail, users can benefit immensely by seamlessly managing their inventory, orders, and deliveries, right from their custom platform. Business owners can create personalized shopping experiences for their customers by keeping a 360-degree view over their purchase patterns and shopping history.

It also enables retail owners to bring multiple sources of revenue together and create a seamless omnichannel which works efficiently, and in complete harmony with all components of the business. On top of that, employees can be made available to customers from anywhere with the help of mobile support. The team itself can also be kept on the same page about the overall sales process and can work together to produce the best results.

Financial Services

Perhaps the biggest need for a trusting client and employee relationship is felt in the financial services industry. With the help of Salesforce industry solutions, users can create just the right tailored and personalized banking experience for their clients by leveraging their data and making inferences about their preferences. Together with a wealth management platform, users can cultivate client relationships that last generations, assisted by effective outreach, insights into customer behaviour, and a goal-oriented approach.

With an investment banking platform, users can help investment banks form deeper relationships with their clients and offer them world-class, secure services to ensure that the trust between the client and the employee is maintained. Coupled with a more streamlined insurance value chain across multiple platforms, the Salesforce financial services cloud is sure to create an innovative new era of financial management.


In today’s world, the media takes the shape of several important communication channels. Handling multiple platforms at the same time requires constant vigilance and a central platform where clients can manage their collective tasks. Salesforce media cloud enables users to leverage social media and cloud technologies to connect with their customers across several channels. This helps sales and marketing teams in various organizations use an effective strategy to engage with customers and keep their attention. On the basis of seamless communication with their clients, users can aim to build lasting relationships with them.

Having an up-close and personal relationship with the clients also helps businesses understand their taste and pitch just the right content to them intelligently. Adding mobile applications to the mix, users can manage client subscriptions and keep track of their preferences remotely. The cloud also enables employees to work in harmony with each other, from anywhere and at any time.

Manufacturing and Consumer Goods

The manufacturing industry has a lot to gain from incorporating a custom Salesforce CRM platform in their day to day operations. The service team could benefit from being given access to useful data about any particular client or contract, so as to ensure that the very exact needs of clients are being delivered. Additionally, a full 360-degree view of all the customers, leads and opportunities enables everyone across the organization to get a holistic view of the business. The most innovative functionality, though, is the ability to create customized applications that allow dealers, distributors, and customers to conduct their business all on one platform and boost their efficiency as a result.

The consumer goods industry follows in the same vein. With the help of the Salesforce industry cloud, users can connect the right customer with the right product as per their needs. Businesses can also develop intuitive marketing and sales strategies with the help of the CRM data and work to manage their transactions effectively and ensure customer retention. Much of this can be achieved by equipping the employees with just the right platform where they can connect and organize their day to day activities in cooperation with each other.

The Bottom Line!

Salesforce provides comprehensive industry vertical solutions to its users, each best equipped to serve the industry it was created for. This makes it easy for businesses to adopt a somewhat tailored solution for their CRM needs. RT Labs can help take this further with its Salesforce Customization expertise, by enabling its customers to completely tailor their Salesforce industry cloud according to their very specific needs. Even within a particular industry, needs may change from company to company and RT Labs is here to address that!

RT Labs, being an Official Salesforce Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including Salesforce Migration, Integration, Customisation, and Support.Contact Us today by filling out our contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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