Top 5 SugarCRM Customisations To Address Your CRM Needs

By Robert Ulrich

One of the reasons why SugarCRM is a popular CRM of choice is its ability to be moulded according to vendors’ needs. Since Sugar is an open source-CRM, it is easy to modify and tailor it according to the specific needs of every user.

No two businesses are the same. Similarly, no two vendors would require the same out-of-the-box Sugar CRM as it is. This is where customisation comes in.

SugarCRM Customisation is a means of leveraging the open-source nature of Sugar and using it to modify, expand, or update your CRM platform.

So what types of customisations do you need to get the most of your Sugar experience? Let’s dive in and explore!

Sugar Interface Customisations

Customising the Sugar Interface to appear according to your requirements is a way to not just efficiently manage your business processes but also to give your CRM a more personalized outlook.

Module Customisation

One of the most popular customisations is module customisation. The default Sugar interface comes with basic modules such as Accounts, Leads, and Contacts. However, each business needs to modify these modules or add more in order to organize its work process. Businesses might also need new modules with a highly specified interface. All of this is possible with the help of a SugarCRM Partner, who can lend its expertise in back-end programming to do so.

Customise Your Dashboard

Another important customisation to the interface is that of the Dashboard. Since the Dashboard is the first thing you view when logging in to your CRM, it needs to be tailored just according to your needs. The information present on the dashboard needs to be concise, informative and should update in real-time. The fields present on the dashboard would vary according to the user but generally should display information about the sales, schedules, and pipelines. All of this is possible to achieve via customisation.

Other Important UI Customisations

The theme of the CRM needs to reflect the essence of the company. SugarCRM’s out of the box theme might not truly reflect the company’s image. Sugar customisation can help you design and format a theme according to your specific taste. Other important interface customisations include designing custom filters, fields, and workflows.

Customisations For Better Customer Service

SugarCRM does not always come with the essential software requirements of every business. Additionally, some vendors need to tailor existing software to better serve their customers. These customisations can be done with the assistance of a SugarCRM Partner.

Payment Customisation

One of the best examples of this is payment customisation. The default version of Sugar does not address the complicated procedure of handling transactions through multiple payment sources.

With credit card customisation, users could handle e-commerce at a much better pace by allowing clients to pay online. Further customisation can allow the CRM to handle payments in multiple currencies as well as give clients a choice to pay from the payment gateway of their choice.

Email Customisation

Another example of boosting efficiency through customisation is email customisation. The original email module in Sugar does address all the basic needs a CRM must have to address its clients. However, with a touch of personalization, the email module can be made more robust.

One of the best ways to utilize emails from prospective clients is to be able to make leads via emails. The lead would be automatically populated with the required information taken from the email. Another way to utilize emails to the fullest is to automatically archive or generate emails, which comes in handy when dealing with a large volume of clients or data. The incorporation of a customised email further allows users to add a touch of professionalism in their client dealings.

Data Security Customisation

One key feature of every CRM has to be responsible for is data handling. With SugarCRM customisations, data security can be made easy.

Customised User Access

One of the top customisations in this regard is customised user access. Various users within a company should have clearance to view a certain amount of data and information. This can be ensured by tailoring data access with respect to a company’s policy.

Data Regulation

Apart from that, data regulation needs to be done to prevent cybercrimes and information theft. By incorporating the right security measures into your SugarCRM, you can assure complete security to your clients. To add to that, CRM should also be equipped to deal with a sudden loss of data in the form of several backups.

Calendar Customisation

A well-maintained calendar is essential to keeping a business well organized and punctual. Perfect maintenance of the calendar is vital to keeping track of deadlines, leads, and tasks. While SugarCRM comes with a default calendar module, its customisation can lead to the inclusion of several key features.

Innovative additions to the original calendar module could include features like editable pop-ups, calendar sharing, and a small calendar dashlet. Another feature that can be added is a role-specific calendar, for example, different calendars for users from different departments within an organization. Syncing with other calendar applications is also a possibility.

Business Rules Implementation

Every business needs to customise their CRM according to their own regulations. Much of the customisation deals with industry-specific requirements. SugarCRM can be easily customised to address the needs of every industry. The changes could range from report building and sharing to organizing pipelines. Vendor-client relationships vary from industry to industry. Your SugarCRM needs to be customised to provide the best possible customer service to your clients.

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