New Features in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By Robert Ulrich

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been around for a long time. Being one of the main offerings by Salesforce, millions of people worldwide use it for their business needs.
Salesforce is the current leader when it comes to the automation of any CRM platform. Repetitive tasks are almost completely done away with and are now initiated by the intuitive interface for your ease.

What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the collection of all things marketing inside of the platform.
A collection of tools and features at your disposal that you can use to spread the word of your business. Salesforce provides enough features to accommodate all workflows and most given marketing situations.
Companies can be more digitally capable while keeping the Salesforce Customer 360 in mind for a better experience.
The suite of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes:
  • Journey Builder
  • Email Studio
  • Customer 360 Audiences
  • Mobile Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Datorama
  • Interaction Studio
  • Data Studio
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Pardot
With such a large ecosystem it becomes easy to see how these can help you propel your business forward. Salesforce provides consistent support for all the above so the list can only grow.

New Features in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Even now Salesforce is constantly improving its platform for all to use. The Marketing Cloud improved in January to personalise the experience for customers even further. The new features that Salesforce has included bring improvements to Datorama, Pardot, Customer 360, and much more. Salesforce Einstein is also constantly learning and growing from both you and from updates in the backend.
All of these combined with our Salesforce Implementations, and you can bring about the best of your business.
Here is what Salesforce released in January to complement good marketing practices as part of Marketing Cloud.

New Datorama Features

Datorama Reporting

Datorama is a marketing intelligence platform that runs inside the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The reports that it generates now support Email Studio and Journey Builder. Integrating Datorama into other core features enables even more functionality than before. This results in three new upgrades to the platform as a whole:
  • New Dashboards
Dashboards are now powered by Datorama, creating new visuals for Email Studio and Journey Builder. That means now you can get information on emails and journey campaign data on the platform. This gives you much more insight than before as Datorama goes through many sources to fetch information.
  • Scheduled Reporting
Detailed reports and analyses can now be viewed and retrieved in most formats. You can download them directly from the Salesforce Cloud in Excel, CSV, PDF, and pivot table forms for offline use.
  • Pivot Tables
Pivot Tables have been added to Datorama so that you can organise data much better than before. Make accurate comparisons and explore data for trends and patterns to make predictions that matter.

Improved Datorama TotalConnect

TotalConnect was an integration engine present in Datorama which automated key many processes. In the January additions, AI has improved and data mapping workflows have been added. This means you can now more easily connect and unify all of your available marketing data.

Datorama Email to Web Conversion

Datorama can now integrate seamlessly with many Salesforce components. These include Market Cloud Messaging, Pardot, Google Analytics, and Journeys. By connecting them as data sources, you get a dashboard with visualised results. Check the exact impact of Pardot email campaigns with Datorama, and use it to improve existing ones.

Improved Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences keeps track of customer information as well as conversions. It saw an improvement recently on how to enhance customer databases in one secure space. The improved features are:
  • Real-time Profile API and Data Query API
Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences can be profiled for data. This applies to their personalisation, analytics, and business intelligence uses.
  • Loyalty Management Integration
Salesforce Customer 360 lets you build loyalty programs now for both B2B and B2C.
  • Web Tags & Mobile SDK
You are able to enhance customer profiles with your already present tags on both web and mobile. Use this to set all of your behavioural data.
  • Enhanced Insights
Improve your customer profiles with valuable insights gained from customer data. Analysts and marketers can make great use of this. You can use the insights in personalisation attributes and segmentation criteria to design better marketing campaigns in the future.

Salesforce Pardot Campaign Cloning

Pardot is the Salesforce way of marketing automation and is the most used feature of the Marketing Cloud. Without it, you cannot achieve a rich marketing experience and attract new people to your business.
Pardot now lets you duplicate almost all important aspects of your campaigns by recreating related records in the new one. You can duplicate forms, form handlers, landing pages, and links related to old campaigns. All that without breaking the relationships between them.

AMP in Email Studio

You can bring more dynamic elements into the inboxes of your mailing lists as if they were on a website. AMP-based messages are now available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can make emails a better experience for your subscribers. Put more real-time data to use in your emails like appointment-scheduling capabilities and much more.

WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp is widely adopted for both personal and business use all around the world. This channel can be used to its full potential when used inside of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
You can now send both transactional and session messages through this channel with ease without having to open it directly. Other features include seamless onboarding and keyword detection for automated messaging.

Salesforce Einstein Learning Center

Part of Salesforce Einstein is always being used inside the CRM platform even if you cannot see it. Salesforce now introduces the Einstein Learning Center. This automates the link of AI marketing features with your business goals.
  • See your top use cases while Salesforce Einstein analyses them to evaluate your goals.
  • Access to marketing-focused tutorials.
  • The Salesforce Einstein Learning Center also includes access to the IdeaExchange. You can share your ideas here or interact with others on the Trailblazer platform for learning experiences.


Salesforce is constantly improving its platform for users, this January update brings a lot to the Marketing Cloud. The new changes will enable you to quickly turn around your business and have higher conversion rates! To help you keep up with these changes, we also offer Salesforce Support here at RT Labs.
RT Labs, being an Official Salesforce Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including Salesforce Migration, Integration, Customisation, and Support.Contact Us us today by filling out our contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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