What Makes CRM the Best Inventory Management Software?

By Robert Ulrich

Inventory management is dreaded and for all the right reasons. Too often, tracking inventory manually results in errors, delays in product deliveries and is a time-consuming task. 

Wondering how your competitors manage their inventory seamlessly in a time-efficient manner while delivering the best customer service and driving high profits? Does it seem a lot of hard work? 

It is just a smart choice that has given them a competitive edge as such results can only be achieved by leveraging CRM as the best inventory management software.

Before any further delay, here’s a rundown of the importance of CRM for inventory management and what makes it the best inventory tracking system for small businesses. Let’s get started!

Inventory Tracking

Seamlessly manage your inventory and keep track of all information such as barcode number, serial number, inventory in stock and prices, etc. Now, by leveraging CRM as a stock management software, you can get a unified view of how much inventory is available and plan proactively by keeping in mind customer demands. 

Effective Vendor Management

By creating a vendor’s module in your CRM, you can get automatic alerts whenever the inventory goes below a certain threshold and link it to the relevant module. This will allow users to cut the delays in restocking inventory and automatically contact the relevant vendors to quickly restock inventory. 

Seamless Quote Management

With CRM as an inventory management system for small business, you can easily create quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Additionally, it will automate your work processes and allow users to send emails and invoices to customers with a single click. This will reduce the steps in billing and ensure the smooth running of business operations. 

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

With an integrated solution, your team does not need to handle multiple business software for executing business operations. Leverage CRM as the best inventory management software to cut the hassle of manual data entry and have real-time access to your data. Moreover, with an integrated customer, vendor, and supplier database, you can eliminate data duplication.

Mobile Inventory Management Software

Bring your business to your fingertips with Mobile CRM. By customizing SugarCRM for inventory management solutions, your team can perform all their tasks on the fly. Moreover, with CRM mobile application, your team can access the inventory database anywhere and anytime to stay updated and quickly answer all customer queries.

Inventory Trend Analysis

Leverage predictive analytics with SugarCRM as the best inventory planning software to predict future inventory needs. Stay on top of your day by keeping track of all purchase histories, current stock, inventory demand, and expected product orders, etc. 

Integration with Payment Gateways

With SugarCRM, you can do much more than streamlining customer relationship management. You can integrate CRM with third-party software to manage business functions from a unified platform. For example, CRM integration with payment gateways will cut the delays in your business transactions so you can drive efficiency in stock management and save time.

Accurate Inventory Reporting

CRM Reporting plays an important role in inventory management to create seamless workflows. In SugarCRM reports, you can get a clear view of product supply and demand, inventory in stock, profitable products, and order histories. Along with this, SugarCRM also allows users to derive actionable insights about consumer behaviour, sales trends, and inventory processes. This makes CRM software the best inventory management software for small businesses.

The Bottom Line!

Companies that are seamlessly managing their inventory are able to smoothly run their business operations and stay ahead of the curve. By making the most of your CRM as the best inventory management software, you can track inventory, automatically restock, streamline payment processing and derive actionable insights into demand, supply and sales trends. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the ground running by availing our CRM services to take your business to the next level with the best inventory management solutions. 


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