7 Reasons Why You Need a CRM Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

By Robert Ulrich

As consumers are demanding personalized experiences, it is getting difficult to cut through the noise and reach out to them. 

LinkedIn has over 575+ million active users and you just can’t miss out on this opportunity of reaching out to your target market. Identifying the right leads and engaging them is no longer difficult with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

But, most of your competitors are also using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to capture more leads, optimize their sales funnel and win more deals. 

So, how can you gain a competitive advantage?

The solution: Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM integration to keep track of all the leads and maintain a database in your CRM. In this way, you won’t miss out on any lead and stay on top of your game. 

So, let’s take a look at how LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM Integration will benefit your business?

Improve Lead Capturing

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM integration, you won’t have any leads missing through the cracks. This makes it easy for users to quickly reach out to the leads and maintain a database in your CRM. Hence, your sales reps can touch base with the leads and win more deals.

Get High-Quality Leads

The best part is that with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the quality of your leads will improve immensely. It will allow you to determine the quality of leads against the set parameter and have all data in your CRM, so you don’t have to switch between the two platforms.  

Keep Track of Related Leads

Optimize your sales pipeline with quick lead generation as LinkedIn Sales Navigator will show you related leads and profiles that match your criteria. You can easily keep track of the leads and have better prospects resulting in an increase in sales.

Leverage Mutual Connections For Brand Advocacy

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can expand your network as it will show you mutual connections. Through this, you can ask your connections to introduce you to different leads and enhance your brand advocacy.

Now, by integrating CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can have all the data stored in a unified platform and reach out to them with personalized marketing campaigns. This will enable you to develop a level of trust with your leads by reaching out to them through a mutual connection. 

Keeping Up with Your Leads and Contacts

It’s important to know what your leads and customers are up to. According to research, buyers are 71% more likely to engage with a salesperson if they know something about their current job.

What’s a better place for getting to know your prospects than on LinkedIn?

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can be sure that you have all the updates about your leads and customers. Thus, you will be fully prepared to interact with them and have all the necessary information about your clients. 

Break the Ice with Personalized Sales Pitch

Many companies are struggling to reach out to their prospective customers at the right time and make a difference. With social media, the competition is even fierce. So how do you stand out amongst your competitors?

The solution: CRM and LinkedIn Integration through Sugar Connector.

With Sugar Connector, you can go the extra mile in reaching out to the right leads and streamlining your sales process. It will give you a competitive advantage as you will have actionable information about your leads such as mutual connections, companies in common and articles that your prospects have interacted with. Hence, it will help you to break the ice and reach out to your leads with a personalized sales pitch. 

Why Integrate SugarCRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Being user-intuitive, easy to use and a highly flexible platform, SugarCRM seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator through the Sugar Connector. It will help you to leverage your customer data, seamlessly follow-up with leads and speak to them directly to build meaningful customer relationships. 

The Bottom Line!

To capture more leads and skyrocket your business growth, you must leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM integration. It will give you a competitive advantage by delivering personalized experiences and getting relevant high quality leads so you can take advantage of the ecosystem on LinkedIn. 

To make the most out of your LinkedIn and SugarCRM Integration in a time-efficient manner, you can take advantage of our SugarCRM Certified Team to come up with a solution that solves all your lead generation and lead nurturing problems through the CRM. So, are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

RT Labs, being an Official SugarCRM Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including SugarCRM Migration Customization, Integration, and Support. Contact Us now by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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