Salesforce and Asana Integration: Next Level Project Management

By Robert Ulrich

A CRM on its own can perform a lot of heavy functionality once it is set up and running. However, not everything can be accomplished if your company relies solely on Salesforce, making integrations a necessity. Project Management is one such instance in which Salesforce does not specialize in and requires some assistance. That is why you need to integrate Salesforce with Asana, a tool specifically designed to manage projects and other workflows.

Salesforce must be equipped with the proper companion tools to ensure that you are covering all the ground you can. Then, you can successfully manage your tools from there and gain immediate results for your business.

Let’s go over what you can accomplish once you have implemented the integration.

Makes Plans more Actionable

With the integration of Salesforce and Asana, the ability to formulate plans becomes much easier. That is because pre-sales activities and the final sales processes are being coordinated together. This keeps everyone on the same page and helps prevent any errors that can occur due to inefficient planning. You can serve clients best this way, with all of the information necessary available at your fingertips. 

Asana gives you a holistic view of all of your business operations at any given moment. Tasks from Asana are presented clearly and coherently inside Salesforce to keep track of from just that interface. That means all of your tickets, emails, and attached files for any Asana project can be monitored and edited. The changes you can make there via Salesforce alone is enough to warrant an immediate integration.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Sales teams can easily interact and collaborate with everyone else throughout the project duration. Since they already have access to your Salesforce, they can appropriately create projects there to let everyone know. They can also make changes to them, notifying everyone else in the process. The Asana Tasks module within Salesforce keeps track of all Asana edits being made from within. By staying in touch with the module, teams can find it much easier to follow up on progress. This extends to post-completion of a project, there sales teams can keep up with the process.

Good Customer Experience

Salesforce and Asana together make it possible to deliver a superior customer experience to clients. How this is done can be automated, as well as manually through customizable project templates. 

Use this with Salesforce Service Cloud to join the sales teams with the supporting teams. Doing so will make you able to efficiently delegate customers to each other.

Automatic Management

With the Salesforce Process Builder, you can automatically create relevant projects and tasks inside Asana. Another automation is the transferral of projects once they are completed, from one team to another for instant follow-ups. This method also allows you to create customized procedures for automated delegations of projects, depending on what is convenient for your business process. 

Keeping Tasks in Check

It is clearly defined inside Asana which project has what members assigned with exactly what activity they need to do. With responsibilities aware at the get-go, team members can quickly start working on them, with less room for any error. All details can be added to the project descriptions to avoid unneeded clarifications that can hinder workflow. As a result, you will achieve efficient direct communication amongst teams with decreased confusion when it comes to tasks.

Sync between Salesforce and Asana

At every stage, whenever an edit is made inside Asana, that change will take place instantaneously within Salesforce, that too in the relevant Asana task. The person who created the Opportunity in Asana is also updated as the owner. This makes developments made much faster to follow with real-time synchronization. 

Key Takeaway

Bring out your business potential by efficiently managing projects from start to finish from inside Salesforce itself. Integrations are key to expanding business operations while keeping the workload manageable. RT Labs has a team of expert Salesforce Developers who have years of experience on the CRM.

Get your Salesforce integrated with Asana now by leveraging our expertise on the platform. 


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