A Closer Look at Salesforce for Travel and Hospitality

By Robert Ulrich

The travel and hospitality industry has a large supply chain that consists of many stages. Apart from the obvious company types like airlines, tour operators, hotels, etc, there are many other businesses involved in the mix. You can belong to any vertical in the travel and hospitality industry, or be a tour operator. You will be needing the flexibility of a CRM platform to help you. Salesforce is one such CRM, which can be customised and tailored to meet the needs of customers involved in every step of their journey. A singular platform being used to track ticket bookings, hotel reservations, and even their daily itineraries, can be used to streamline the entire customer journey and maximize your business’s ROI.

Marketing Automation

The world of travel and hospitality is a saturated one, with so many different airlines, hotels, travel agencies, it can become difficult to stand out. Salesforce Marketing Cloud houses a ton of varied solutions to help with marketing and helps to automate the entire process. Let’s dive in deeper to see how Salesforce Marketing can maximize business output.

1. Journey Builder

Journey Builder a tool that specializes in B2C journey management and will map out various customer journeys. This is especially useful for tour operators who have to prepare travel packages for prospective clients. Then they can use Salesforce to track their progress every step of the way making it a more personalised experience. This will have you ready for any changes in customer behaviour that might take place on trips. The analytics provided by Salesforce Einstein on those changes will allow you to gauge the situation objectively and focus on what happens next. Using these analytics, you will be able to enhance the customer experience.

2. Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio also lends a hand to travel and hospitality. Constant engagement with customers on their mobile is especially useful when they are on the go. In addition, relevant push notifications will provide travellers with a much more personalised experience, all from the screen of their mobile phones.

3. Datorama

With Datorama, a powerful analytics tool, you will have access to data from all of your sources in one central marketing hub. The data can be from anywhere such as emails, social media, and phone calls. Datorama will centralize everything and provide accurate reporting on the performance of your campaigns. Get insights from what part of the travel package entices customers the most, and get visual reports on the results. This will help you make important business decisions.

Salesforce Customer Portal

The Salesforce Service Cloud can create online portals on which you can post overviews of trips as well as interesting facts about each location. Build it from scratch, or select from a large number of templates and handy tools to design it to best represent the essence of your brand or the nature of the trip. The portal can also act as a hub for discussion and any customer queries. You can also provide them with the freedom to post on the portal whenever they want and let them take control of their trips for a better customer experience. While you’re at it, add rewards for customer participation and have a team taking care of the responses. It’s up to you on what to post, so give them access to support resources so that your support agents can be made busy with more important tasks.

Integration with Travel and Hospitality

Salesforce may be a versatile CRM with its collection of useful tools, but it is simply not complete without integrations. When you already have the right software for your travel and hospitality business, Salesforce integration is a no brainer. This makes for seamless interactions with your customers. No need to manually migrate your data to the CRM as now you have one interface to access all data. Access your ticketing management platforms, accounting management platforms like Quickbooks, and combined booking services, all inside Salesforce. This will form a robust ecosystem with full functionality. Control your entire travel and hospitality business from one platform. 

Book your stay with Salesforce!

Salesforce is the go-to CRM platform for your travel and hospitality business. Go with Salesforce customisation to better suit it for tasks related to this specific industry vertical. With the proper integrations in place, combined with features from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud, you have all your bases covered. 



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