Why Sugar Market Is the Best Email Marketing Software Out There

By Robert Ulrich

Email marketing is crucial for business growth as it helps streamline communication with customers and increase customer retention rates. According to DMA Insights, 99% of consumers check their emails every day. However, it takes effort and a well-thought-out strategy to get your emails opened in a flooded inbox.

Many companies are using email marketing for onboarding, nurture campaigns, and trigger campaigns. However, there are a few companies that stand out when it comes to email marketing and are able to pave the way for a bigger share of the pie.

One of the major reasons for these companies reaping the benefits of email marketing lies in the email marketing software that they use. While there are a number of email marketing solutions out there, Sugar Market has proved to be a game-changer.

So, let’s dive in to learn more about the features and benefits of Sugar Market and what makes it an all-in-one marketing automation platform.

Streamline Email List Management

We understand that list management in any marketing automation software is no less than a hassle. However, with Sugar Market, it’s simple and involves just a few clicks. You can filter out emails from the lists, map them to the relevant fields and easily manage the lists with drag and drop functionality.

Seamlessly Run Drip Campaigns

For many companies, drip campaigns are an integral part of their email marketing strategy as they help in lead-nurturing. This improves the conversion rates and ensures that your customers or subscribers don’t forget you.

Ready to cut through the noise and get your message heard?

Simply use Sugar Market as it is the best email drip campaign software with drag and drop functionalities to build templates. You can also customize the list according to customer preferences and your business needs and set up rules to renew campaigns and continue the drip campaign on the specified actions.

Easily Build Email Templates

With an interactive user-interface, you can easily build responsive templates in Sugar Market. Just drag and drop different email components for your marketing campaigns. You can also use the built-in templates that make it quite easy to design emails and save time. So, be it creating the email banner, adding text or inserting a button for Call To Action, Sugar Market has emerged as one of the best email marketing software.

Leverage A/B Testing

A/B testing is important to see which version of your email works better and helps increase the conversion rate. We understand that it is a difficult process and you can only leverage it if your marketing automation software has robust reporting features. With Sugar Market, A/B testing is easy and it gives you accurate results to make it easy for you to optimize your email campaigns.

Effective Trigger Campaigns

Streamlining the customer journey is important and there’s no better way of doing it than leveraging trigger campaigns. However, for this, you need an email marketing solution that is efficient and makes it easy to set the rules for the specified triggers. Make the most of your Trigger Campaigns by creating rules and automating the process after the specified action is taken- all in Sugar Market.

Get Customer Feedback with Surveys

Improve your product and services by asking your customers how you are doing. Not only will this help in improving but also ensure that you create meaningful customer experiences. Along with emails and newsletter templates, Sugar Market lets you create custom surveys. You can then share the survey with your customers and get feedback to implement more customer-centric strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Sugar Market and CRM Integration

Unlike many other email marketing platforms, Sugar Market provides a seamless user experience through CRM Integration. This will bring all your contacts on a unified platform and make it easier for your sales and marketing teams to collaborate and deliver better results.

Interactive Dashboards and Detailed Reporting

It’s important to have an interactive dashboard in your email marketing software so you can get a 360-degree view of your email campaigns. Stay on top of your email campaigns by getting detailed reporting about critical email tracking metrics such as emails opened, click rate, bounces, and links clicked. As a result, you can easily track the performance of your email campaigns and improve.

Final Thoughts!

Sugar Market is an easy to use email marketing software and businesses are seeing a tremendous improvement in their email marketing efforts with it. From single emails to drip campaigns and trigger campaigns, Sugar Market has got you covered with its user-intuitive interface, drag and drop functionality to build responsive email templates and detailed reporting through interactive dashboards. Additionally, if you want to know more about how to make the most of Sugar Market to fit your business needs, you can also leverage the expertise of our SugarCRM Support team.

So, are you ready to level up your email marketing and attract more customers with the best email marketing software?

RT Labs, being an Official SugarCRM Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including SugarCRM Customization, Integration, Support, and Migration. Contact Us now by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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