What to Expect In Adobe Commerce 2.4.4

By Robert Ulrich

Just as you put in great efforts to keep your physical store in fine condition so that your consumers have the greatest experience possible, it’s crucial to keep your eCommerce platform in good condition as well. It is necessary to keep the eCommerce platform updated in order to make it more secure and reliable.

Changing the digital forefront immediately might have long-term consequences because it can cost a lot as well as there is a great amount of technical debt associated with running outdated software. It’s always been advised to keep the adobe commerce platform updated for the smooth running of the business.

With upgrading the Adobe commerce platform in 2022, there will be a visible change as the total cost of ownership for merchants will be reduced. The business is dedicated to assisting its customers by simplifying the process of upgrading. Following are the updates that one can see in the new release and promise to deliver within next year.

What to Expect

The total core commerce application upgrades were four which will be reduced to three in the 2022 release. With the new release calendar, three patches will be released, one security patch and two full patches.

The release of the complete patch scope will be limited to only compliance, performance, security, and high-priority defects. New features and innovations will be released as independent services that will allow merchants to get used to it and innovate faster.  Existing separate services like Live Search, Product Recommendations, and Amazon Sales Channel helped us decrease complexity in the core Commerce application. The Quality Patch tool will be used to release community contributions and lower priority issues, allowing merchants to pick and choose which upgrades are relevant to them.

The new release 2.4.4

As adobe commerce is built on PHP, a third-party scripted language so the end of support dates will be aligned closely with PHP. To maintain PCI compliance adobe must update its code whenever a PHP version reaches its end of life. The lifecycle policy of PHP is aligned with adobes commerce version EOS dates with PHP EOL dates. Making it simpler for merchants to trail the most accurate path for staying up-to-date the frequency and impact of the PHP version have been reduced.

End support

The support for PHP 8.1 will be released making it easier for businesses to upgrade easily to the new version of PHP. With the help of support, it will increase the time between upgrading to the new version of PHP. The new release will enhance the features and improve the performance. It can only be beneficial for us if Magento 2 actually works with the new PHP release and remove unnecessary PHP features. The support will only be available for PHP scope 2.4.4 and will end the support that is available for PHP 7.3.

Third-Party Dependency

As the support will be introduced to the PHP version along with that there will also be an up-gradation to a few third-party dependencies. The adobe commerce core will get secure with upgrading to third-party dependencies. As new features will be added that further improve the performance of the platform.  There will be the categorization of these third-party dependencies such as system, composer, built-in JS libraries, JS NPM & API integrations.

System Dependencies 

  • Elastic Search
  • Redis
  • Varnish
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL

Composer Dependencies 

  • Improvement in phpunit/phpunit & laminas/laminas-code
  • Elimination of laminas/laminas-crypt, laminas/laminas-filter, laminas/laminas-i18n & paragonie/sodium_compat libraries

Built-in JS libraries 

  • Upgrade of jQuery, TinyMCE, knockout and underscore library.
  • Removal of Modernizr, es6-collections, FormData.js & MutationObserver.js library

JS NPM Dependencies 

  • Removal of grunt-autoprefixer

While it’s understood that upgrading these libraries to a new Major/Minor version may result in code-breaking changes, these modifications are necessary to ensure that the old libraries do not represent any security risks. Keep it in mind that utilizing outdated libraries in your eCommerce application may risk your PCI compliance, so Adobe advises merchants to keep their stores up to date by installing the latest Adobe Commerce patch as soon as it is available.

Get yourself prepared

The 2.4.4 release is special as it includes a number of platform enhancements, and businesses are looking forward to the benefits they’ll bring to their customers. The first batch of 2.4.4 beta code has been released in October 2021 to help partners prepare for these changes, as well as the transition from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1.  New beta code is released on a monthly basis until the 2.4.4 pre-release on February 22, 2022. If you’re an Adobe partner, you can sign up for a beta program to help you prepare your technology and merchants 5 months before the general availability date.



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