Use Salesforce Marketing Stack to drive higher ROI

By Robert Ulrich

You might be thinking to yourself: What is this and why do I need it? 


The Marketing Stack

A marketing stack is a term used to encompass the collection of marketing technologies and tools that are currently in the use of your business. Every company whether they know it or not is already using a stack. Marketing tools are whatever services you have to use in day to day operations when it comes to marketing. A stack and its streamlining are necessary to have a successful business. 

Look at it like a jigsaw puzzle. The tools and technologies that you use are the puzzle pieces and the marketing stack is the final picture that you are trying to form. The stack must be streamlined and well suited to the nature of your business and business goals. 

It is useful to visualize the stack as a series of steps. You can do this by looking at it in terms of company processes or as steps in the customer journey.

A CRM, like Salesforce, is also an important component of the marketing stack and has a unique position as compared to other tools. With the ability to organize the data that is being collected by other tools, it will provide the capabilities of controlling the entire stack from one interface. 

We’re here to show you just how.

Use Salesforce to Manage Your Stack

Salesforce is an excellent way to keep on track with your stack. Analytics provided by Salesforce Einstein will let you know which aspects of your business are the most optimized. Be it sales or marketing, Salesforce will automate the process and do the dirty work for you in finding any weak links. 

Fix It!

If this leads you to discover that the sales process is not in line with any of the other processes what do you do? In the structure of the stack, you will now see which marketing tools are involved in the sales process. Identifying which tools are delaying the process is the first step. Next, you’ll have to evaluate them. Do you try to better optimize the tools involved so that they meet your objectives better? Or do you start looking for worthy replacements? 

Apart from completely replacing or fixing the tools. You might notice that a lot of your tools are actually overlapping in functionality and features. You may have to start picking favourites in this case. Utilize your stack most efficiently to be cost-effective along with boosting company productivity. This is what is involved in constructing the perfect marketing stack. 

Build your stack with Salesforce

Luckily, Salesforce can integrate with a plethora of third party applications from which you can pick and choose to get the best results. With the right integrations, you can build as well as take control of your entire marketing stack from within Salesforce itself. All without leaving the interface.

This set up of third-party integrations within your CRM will result in the best bang for your buck and will help drive up your return on investment. By incorporating technology that is already integrated into your Salesforce, you will have received enhanced functionality over the base version.

The marketing process has steps that should be followed. They are planning, create, engage, and measure. Tools available will always fit into either of these steps and it is helpful to visualize it for yourself to get a holistic view.

With so many integrations available, you will have no trouble in finding the right systems to link with. 

With G Suite, within your CRM all of your records will be kept safe on the cloud. What’s important here is that the sync process will update records. Whether those changes occurred on Google or Salesforce is not important. 

MailChimp is another such integration. This is the one-stop shop when it comes to anything email related. Create robust email marketing campaigns to better market your business. Build a better brand image, and convey the right message with this tool. 

These are just a few of the many integrations made available that will add quality to your marketing stack. With the right marketing tools and technologies, success is easily within reach.

Key Takeaways

Not having a proper marketing stack is a rookie mistake and will cause inefficiencies that can trickle down to key aspects of the business. Leveraging Salesforce to accommodate your tools better by having them integrated is one of the easiest ways to fully utilize your stack. A stack linked closely by this method will give you a birds-eye view of the processes, coupled with unparalleled efficiency.


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