SugarCRM Joomla Integration

By Robert Ulrich

An Introduction to Joomla

Joomla is a content management system that is used to build websites from scratch and then publish them. It also allows for extensive management of the content on the website, including text, images, videos, and more. Using this you will easily be able to make edits to your content as well as adding newer material. It is also very user friendly and does not require any prior technical knowledge. Everything is laid out nicely in the interface and is easy to navigate and accomplish what you need. Combine this CMS with SugarCRM by integrating it with the platform, and you will have an unrivaled workflow.

Joomla is currently in third place in the market share and is showing a trend of growth. With a robust collection of features, it lets you make content for websites, intranets, mobile, and blogs. 


Joomla Features

Built-in Help

When using the Joomla application, a built-in help system pops up contextually to offer insights. For users new to the interface, this will set them on the right track after just a few uses. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Joomla is packed in with different indicators that show how your current SEO is performing. With the tools and tips present, you can make changes to your website and its content to be found easily. None of this requires any coding, simple edits to the web pages are more than enough. This means that besides your digital marketing team, even you alone can optimise the site!

Large Community

Joomla has a large worldwide community of developers who are always available all over the internet.

Easy Updates

The update process on Joomla is extremely easy, just one click and your system will proceed to the newest version. 

Article Screen

The writing space has been increased from the previous compact layout. Important options are now available in tabs located in one spot, making the experience intuitive.


SugarCRM Joomla Integration

SugarCRM integrated with Joomla will enhance your workflow and overall business process. This is because of the new opportunities made available in both marketing and communications. Let’s go over some of the major benefits you can take advantage of when integrating. From optimisations, automation, and marketing strategies you could implement with SugarCRM. 

Form Customisation

Since Joomla and SugarCRM are both customisable to a large extent, you can use both for form creation. You will not need developers to create forms from scratch, the tools necessary are present on both platforms. With such robust form builders, you can make any type of form that you can think of. Input any type of field and functionality you need.

Turn Forms into Leads

You can create forms on the Joomla website which can then be filled by prospective customers. Once they have done so, the data will be instantly updated onto your SugarCRM. This builds a database of everyone who ever fills the form, which can be analysed by SugarCRM’s own built-in analytics. If you go further with SugarCRM Customisation, you can get a custom module that is dedicated to receiving Joomla information.

SugarCRM Analytics

The aforementioned analytics by SugarCRM will complement your usage of Joomla. Besides just analysing form responses, you can also get behavioral insights into how leads are using your Joomla precisely. The most important information you can get out of it though is what pages are generating the most public interest. Analysing your Joomla data with SugarCRM will definitely give you a new perspective on how to further build your website. 

Restrict Access

Using SugarCRM, you can restrict access of other users on the platform, which means changes cannot be made to your Joomla through the interface if access is not given. Equip only certain users dedicated to Joomla to make changes on the CMS via SugarCRM and avoid any accidental changes.

Easy Upgrades

Joomla and SugarCRM are both safe to upgrade, meaning that when one platform is on a newer version it will not affect the functionality of the other, that is to say there will be no bugs present. 


Key Takeaway

Those are just some of the benefits you can expect from Joomla with SugarCRM. You can implement many more features you can get once you go through with the integration. The integration opens up new opportunities for your Joomla website in terms of insights and hence marketing strategies. Get Joomla integrated with your SugarCRM today, and instantly manage your content better, as well as delivering a better customer experience.



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