Automated Relationship Intelligence with Sugar Hint by SugarCRM

By Robert Ulrich

CRMs have truly changed the way we go about our business processes when they first started rolling out. Having all of our information being compiled into one platform for easy viewing and access was truly a revolution. However, because of recent advances in artificial intelligence, there is so much more that CRMs have become capable of. SugarCRM has leveraged this opportunity and created Sugar Hint, a tool that automatically gathers customer relationship intelligence. 

The genius behind this is that it will turn data that we already possess into actionable insights. You can then receive new insights that you did not have access to before. This is made possible by the copious amount of data we possess but could not utilise fully before.

What is Sugar Hint?

Sugar Hint is a remarkably simple to use addition to the SugarCRM catalog. You only need to get the client’s full name and email address to get started. Sugar Hint will search automatically and receive insights into who that person is and what is their social media presence. This completely beats out the traditional methods of research that we had to perform in the past. You now have a headstart on building a professional business relationship with your new potential client. Now that you don’t need to put in the time and effort on research, you can spend more time focusing on leads and customers.

You can achieve the following with Sugar Hint:

Smarter Decision-making

Think of Sugar Hint as your very own personal assistant, one that will keep you well-informed. It will tell you about key insights about who to approach based on what it can find out. Other information such as what the approach should be and the contents of the message can also be based on what Sugar Hint states. 

Staying Alert

You can also stay proactive by choosing how you receive the information. You can set alerts on either the main dashboard, real-time emails, or desktop notifications release in Sugar Hint 5. The notifications will come from your browser of choice. You can also sign up for a newsletter with compiled alerts with the news type of your choice. Stay up to date using automated relationship intelligence with Sugar Hint. Get a SugarCRM license now to stay alert.

Quick Customer Conversions

With the automation in place on part of Sugar Hint, you now have dedicated time to deal with customer conversions. Focus on more meaningful conversations with customers while Sugar Hint is doing the heavy lifting in the background. Accelerate the process of customer conversion and save time in the process.

On a different CRM platform? You can migrate to SugarCRM and use your existing data with Sugar HInt.

Elimination of Data Entry

Enhance your understanding of customers without painstakingly adding customer account details yourself. Sugar Hint will scour the internet for details on a client with just a name and an email. The data will come from a variety of business, news, and social sources. 

Over a period of time, your existing clients will explore new avenues and add more accounts to their portfolio. Sugar Hint will not be a one-time thing, but will actually update its database continuously to account for any new changes. Keep retrieving new intelligence to anticipate the next move of your customers. 

Take a Hint!

Sugar Hint is truly the future of CRM now, a customer relationship management platform definitely needs automatic relationship intelligence. This is a match made in heaven which helps save time, saves effort, and allows automation to take over. Furthermore, you can customise your SugarCRM to take further advantage of this feature. For example, you could customise a dashboard to take some data from Sugar Hint, but also other facets not related to the customer. 

Get the drop on initiating customer conversions with this unique tool.


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