Sugar Discover: Revenue Analytics and Sales Metrics by SugarCRM

By Robert Ulrich

The more valuable the data of a company, the faster they will be able to solve sales questions. We currently live in the age of data. The ability to turn that data into information is what helps in conducting successful business. This is where data analytics comes into play. 

Data analytics is understanding data and then deriving useful insights from it. Having a CRM like SugarCRM can help organize the data that you possess and rearrange it. This can help in making sense of what your data actually means and is trying to tell you. Lucky for you, there are now ways to automate the process, to have the data analyzed as it’s being added. With the addition of real-time analytics, your sales questions will be better answered.

Meet Sugar Discover, a platform for revenue analytics and useful sales metrics within SugarCRM itself. 

Let’s now go through some key features that make Sugar Discover stand out.

Sugar Discover Features

Instant Insight into Sales Performance

This analytics tool is built from the ground up to analyze data that is present within your SugarCRM. Being a SugarCRM exclusive feature, Sugar Discover does not need to be integrated or set up in a certain way to function. It is an out of the box solution that starts immediately once implemented. All you need is the data you have already had present in your SugarCRM for some time now. Sugar Discover will then use its metrics and analytics to measure trends. Trends like conversion rates, pipeline generation, sales velocity along with a host of others. 

Historical Context

Sugar Discover will track your progress over time, and that includes your opportunities. The result being, you can visualize historical trends of past performances. This makes it possible to compare and contrast performance in the present with performance in the past. All of this, without the use of feeding Sugar Discover any spreadsheets full of data. Past trends are also shown in easy to understand line graphs and bar charts. With a full SugarCRM Migration, you can then also incorporate the migrated data into the mix.

Automate Analytics

Sugar Discover is working in real-time, which means it is continuously analyzing your sales metrics. When you are performing above or below average based on your past data, it will let you know it. The specifics of your current performance will be analyzed to inform you of targets met or not. You can have a better idea of what is important currently to meet performance standards. 

Reach the Source

In Discovery Insights, patterns emerge as you are exploring the data. This will help you in identifying the source of the change if any, and then proceed to take action. Most Business Intelligence platforms cannot be as precise as Sugar Discover, and only serve a general image of business processes.

Interactive Data Analysis

With intuitive controls and interactive data exploration tools, anyone can perform analysis. For non-technical users, the Sugar Discovery interface is easy to use. 

  • Simple formatting
  • Fleshed out filtering
  • Drag and drop queries
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Hide unnecessary fields
  • Add manual calculations
  • Retrieve data statistics

Benefits of Sugar Discover

Less Investment on Technical Expertise

As an organization, you will already be spending a lot of time and money on experts to help with certain business processes. With Sugar Discover, you can at least decrease spending on data analysis and its setup. Resources can otherwise be allocated in different ways that can benefit your business. 

Simplified Analytics

Pre-built tools and sales metrics can allow teams from any background to become a data analyst. Various types of graphs also make for easy to understand visuals for any team. This can empower most users of Sugar Discover to make appropriate decisions for the business. 

Increase Efficiency

The process that takes place within Sugar Discover is autonomous and instantaneous. Therefore, the analysis will be taking place side by side without much human input. It will then represent the findings in interactive dashboards and reports.

Summing Up

Sugar Discover is an out of the box solution that will streamline your business processes and help perfect sales management. With no need for complicated setups and installations, it will be ready to use when you are. Bring out the best in revenue analytics and sales metrics with this innovative solution by SugarCRM.


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