Streamline Sales Management with SugarCRM

By Robert Ulrich

Sales management can make or break your business. Being a core business function, companies make huge investments in their sales department to drive high profits and accelerate growth. Many businesses are also leveraging technology and implement sales management software to automate their day to day tasks.

However, the concern here is that you can’t have high sales without having happy customers. This means sales and customer relationship management go hand in hand. So, how can you ensure that you streamline your sales management process and deliver personalized customer experiences?

The perfect solution lies in leveraging the CRM platform for streamlining sales management. 

Before we proceed, let’s first have an overview of the sales management process. This will make it clear how SugarCRM will help you overcome these challenges to fast track the customer journey through the sales pipeline. 

Moreover, we will also discuss why SugarCRM is the best sales management software for small businesses and how you can leverage it to stay ahead of the curve. 

Stages in a Sales Management Process

  1.       Prospecting
  2.       Lead Qualification
  3.       Analysis of Business Need
  4.       Value Proposition of the Solution or Product
  5.       Identification of Decision Makers
  6.       Analyze Prospects Perceived Value of your Solution
  7.       Quote a Price
  8.       Negotiate or Review Price
  9.       Deal Closed/Lost

Benefits of SugarCRM for Streamlining Sales Management

Lead Management

Is your sales team struggling in attracting more leads and converting them into sales? Simply adopt a CRM platform and streamline your lead management process by never missing a single customer touchpoint.

Better than a lead management software, SugarCRM will let you automatically capture leads, maintain a database and segment it accordingly for a defined target market. Later, you can use the data to run personalized marketing campaigns and engage customers in a better way.

Pipeline Management

If you have a high number of deals in the pipeline, it does not ensure that you will have more sales. The way you deal with your prospects in your sales management software and seamlessly push them through the sales pipeline makes all the difference.

The strategy you adopt to push customers through the sales pipeline can be a game-changer. Drive more sales with SugarCRM implementation in your business to manage the sales pipeline effectively.

Streamline Follow-Ups

Cut down on manual work and automate cyclical tasks by leveraging SugarCRM that also happens to be the best sales follow up software. Wondering how? 

SugarCRM lets you easily follow up with customers through email, social media, and other communication platforms through SugarCRM integrations to streamline your customer relationships.

Quote Tracking

Before closing a deal, an important step is to create a quote and keep a track of them. Leverage quote tracking in CRM to review prices and come up with personalized offers to close more deals. Moreover, you can also customize the CRM software to mirror your business needs and take it to the next level. 

Contact Management for Meaningful Customer Relationships

Contact management is imperative for streamlining sales management. Keep track of all your client communication and have your databases updated in the CRM. This will ensure seamless communication with clients and cut all delays in delivering unmatchable customer service.

Sales Performance Management

To meet the performance standards and keep your sales team motivated, it is important to review the sales performance. The data can be used to analyze what needs to be improved and what went wrong.

Moreover, sales teams can also leverage reports and dashboards in the CRM to see which customers are high sales generating and the products that are best-selling. This will also allow you to determine the strategies that work best for your business. Does your sales performance management software perform all these tasks seamlessly?

Sales Forecasting

A small mistake with numbers can make a big difference. Now, if your team struggles with forecasting sales and crunching all the numbers, you need to do something about it. The best solution would be to motivate your sales team to use a CRM platform.

In SugarCRM, your sales team can accurately forecast sales and optimize sales processes. Highly robust than sales management software, CRM gives you a comprehensive view of all the relevant activities and interactions with the customers.

Business on your Fingertips

See a boost in your team’s productivity with mobile CRM, so they can access data and perform their tasks on the fly. This will remove all bottlenecks in communication and improve your team’s performance.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sales is a challenging task and companies put in all effort and time to drive profits. There’s no better sales management software than SugarCRM to streamline your sales management process and see the sales figure skyrocketing. So, leverage SugarCRM and revolutionize your business with the help of SugarCRM Experts. 


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