Save on Hosting by Hiring an AWS Consultant

By Robert Ulrich

Hiring a consultant for hosting is something that people think is not that mainstream of a thing yet. Many companies think of hosting somewhere near the end of the startup journey if they even think of it at all. Something all companies are doing wrong. Having an experienced engineer run the hosting of your website could help you save on thousands of dollars as well as increase the number of opportunities your company can start working with. If this is the case, then what are you all waiting for? It is time you hire an AWS consultant right away. This blog will explain in detail to you what exactly is AWS optimization and how can it be of help to your company.

lden Days Hosting

When computers first came around and websites were created, running your own server was a normal thing. Everyone would be handling their own website and in fact, it was something that was possible back then. Websites were not as complicated as they are today neither was everyone obsessed with the internet always having their eyes glued on what was available on websites, in store shopping was more in demand. However, if we look at how times have changed now then there is a great difference. As the web has become more widespread over the matter of a lot of years, hosting as a paid service has also grew with popularity and slowly.

The Cloud Advantage 

Having a cloud application is something that all companies are wanting to opt nowadays because it means a distributed set of servers for you. Relying on the cloud means you have a backup for when things go wrong, this is something smaller hosting companies do not have a benefit of. You are able to rely on more than one server whereas they are putting all their data into one place. If it gets lost, then it’s lost. Now this might happen because of something as simple as a power outage or something more technical, whatever the case your data will be gone. Knowing you have a backup of all your data gives you a peace of mind. You know that even if something happens to your physical computers or software you will have all data stored in another place. That is the magic of the cloud, even in the most disaster of a situation your entire assets, codes and data is safe and sound at another facility. It is important to note that physical locations also matter, regardless of the world being a digitalized one today, where you are working from is something that effects your business. If your server is in California, then the speed your page will load at for people there is faster than the speed a person’s page will load at in New Zealand. Something businesses should take into consideration. Why? Well because customers are impatient and slow, even single second delays make them frustrated. Hence proving saving money on hosting is the worst decision you can take, in fact spending money on it can act as a life insurance of your data.

Going Beyond CYA

So one important thing to consider is that the cloud is not just there because it is going to protect your company from any risk. Seeing the functionality of the cloud from just this view means you do not fully understand the essence of it. Yes, not losing your entire businesses data or information on customers is nice but that is just the bottom ground of it all. Looking at hosting with such an open mind is the only way you will integrate it into your business. Seeing it as an opportunity rather than a liability is the right way around things. Thinking that spending money on hosting is a waste of money is a really old thought, that doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, seeing it as an investment is the new thought of today as your cloud can also serve as a hub for business intelligence, alerts, business analytics and as a marketing communication channel.

Why AWS Cloud Consulting Is a Must

Stepping into the cloud world without having any knowledge of price and its being is something clumsy to do, it means you may end up overspending in a situation where you would have only spent half the money in have you had all the knowledge. Having your pocket emptied is just one bit of it, the second is that you may miss out on some of the best AWS features. Finding an AWS consulting partner who can help setup your MVP online is an important thing.

Save up to 75% With Reserved Instances

Old school hosting had one major drawback with regards to costs, you would have to buy a hardware or software to accommodate traffic for all the busy days of your year. These busy days would be special occasions like black Friday, Christmas, new year’s or other events where customer shopping habits go high. Now their buying habits on this day may be hundreds of times busier than another normal day in the year. This means that AWS only makes you pay for what you use. For example, you only pay for the traffic on that slow day of the year and alongside that you are saving all your power for the busy days of the year. These savings are done by reserving instances before time where with Amazon estimates you can save up to 75%

Make Data Part of your Hosting Strategy

AWS is not just friendly on your pocket but it also helps in your overall data strategy where Amazon QuicksSight provides business intelligence for only a fraction of the cost other traditional approaches. It is important to always be in the loop if you want to make sure you are data-driven, this can be done if your using a strong cloud as it always provides you with alerts and monitoring. It also lets your engineers know of any problems that may occur in the near future preventing costly outages.

Client Communication

Communicating with different people using different channels just became easier. Amazon’s SES is the perfect platform for any startup business to send out email notifications and get the hang out of it before moving onto the big stuff. You only pay for what you are actually going to use, so its packages only consist of the stuff you will be using in your everyday routine work life. You do not pay for features that are not going to be of any use for you.

Going From Liability to Powerhouse

Understanding that investing and spending money on hosting is not a liability but an investment and opportunity is the first step. Startups and enterprises all can benefit from reevaluating their relationship to hosting.

Hence all things concluded, we have established that hiring an AWS consultant is worth it. Not only will it help an organization optimize its cloud expenses but also add client communication channels right to your AWS account.

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