Salesforce Social Studio: An Overview

By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce Social Studio is exactly what your brand needs in order to have a heavy social media presence. It covers the most popular networks there are including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. It deals in social listening, engagement, publishing, and monitoring to help you connect with your audience. 

Social media takes up a good chunk of consumer’s online time, it’s best to leverage this time by taking action. Taking care of each social platform one by one has proven to be increasingly overwhelming. Salesforce Social Studio comes through and makes the whole process much more manageable for marketing purposes. Let’s go over each phase of Social Studio and see how the platform enhances your social presence at each step

Social Listening

Marketing Intelligence

You can gather marketing intelligence easily by tying the social accounts to your Salesforce CRM. Feedback through marketing, service, and sales campaigns are made available, with detailing reporting also present in Salesforce Social Studio. 

Topic Profiles

Stay tuned for fresh topics related to your business using the customisable dashboards available to make future marketing efforts relevant.

Use Real Discussions

Gain insights by tracking every post and comment for mentions of your brand on every platform. You can then use the insights to formulate new marketing strategies based on those mentions. 

Customer Sentiment

Furthermore, discussions on topics that matter to your brand are also tracked using machine learning sentiment analysis. It even goes as far as to analyse the images in the posts shared for more information. 


Engagement at Scale

With Social Studio, you will have a singular platform to handle the whole process and divide it amongst teams. Securely manage access and roles with user and team workspaces.

Combined View

Social posts going into your CRM combine with emails and other forms of correspondence to give a more complete picture. You can fully analyse a customer and set them as a benchmark or they can provide insights into other areas of improvement. 

Streamline Engagement

Powered by machine learning, Social Studio can quantify the overall brand sentiment on social media. After that, it can easily prioritise which type of posts should be implemented to avail an opportunity. Customer activity is then routed to the appropriate role at that time such as marketing, sales, or service.

Customer Service

Service cases are generated based on communication and feedback on social media channels. You can open and monitor them easily from the Social Studio interface where you can view them all at once. 


Manage Content in Teams

Content Management can also be done across multiple teams and for different platforms using Social Studio. Create workspaces and access based on role or group to ensure brand consistency.

Performance Analysis

Gain a real-time view of the current content, creative and overall channel performance, with Social Studio analytics. Using this view of your social presence, you can start implementing better campaigns based on the state of your brand.


Through Social Studio everyone can collaborate on projects and campaigns together. Drafts, sharing, scheduling, reviews, and approvals of content can all be done together in groups. You can do all this on your mobile devices as well, so teams do not need to all be present in the same office at all times.

Audience Growth

Posts that have been performing well can be boosted from Social Studio using built-in social advertising. This makes it possible to reach newer audiences and markets in the same space.


Visualise Insights

By incorporating Einstein Vision, Salesforce Social Studio is able to visualise insights on customer interactions, brand health, and results of campaigns. Visuals make the data easy to understand and interact with, depicting the appropriate customer feedback into graphs. 

Customisable Command Center

Use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Command Center to share the ongoing progress of all that you have achieved so far. You can display the screen of the command center on every screen in the office, regardless of company size.


Key Takeaway

Not many people are aware of the social media capabilities present within Salesforce. This is because the focus of the world has always been on sales and leads. Social Studio helps you capitalise on the social media boom of the current age where all the customers are. It becomes one location from which to plan and implement all of your campaigns and content.

Get Salesforce Social Studio now and see growth in your online presence!


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