Salesforce Service Cloud: An In-Depth Analysis

By Robert Ulrich

As one of the cloud-based solutions made available by Salesforce, the Service Cloud is built to address customer needs and keep the sales process running smoothly at the same time. The cloud enables faster and more efficient case management and empowers clients to leverage communities and platforms to look for solutions to their queries too.

At the same time, the Salesforce Service Cloud allows users to get in touch with clients using all digital channels available to them, be it on a social media platform, or via a chat. AI-powered chatbots further help with keeping the communication going and intelligently resolve issues without the need to involve labor.

So what features make Salesforce Service Cloud a comprehensive solution to all your CRM needs? And what exactly makes it the cloud-based application of choice? Let’s explore!

Lightning Service Control

The Lightning Console enables the users to consolidate all the information needed by the users for customer service purposes, and to access all relevant information quickly and easily. This includes information from customer profiles to case histories. This enables the customer service team to use the data to get their customer’s queries and issues resolved. The helpful dashboard layout displays the most frequently used actions to the top. The result is a boost in overall productivity.

The customers also end up expecting fast, personalized, one-on-one customer service experience. With their issues given special attention by a company representative, the customer retention rate can also get a boost. The customer data including their profile, purchase history, and account information is made available to the users so that they can address the issues faces by the clients while being backed by all the relevant data.

Case Management Module

The availability of the Case Management module also enables customer queries to be resolved faster. The pipeline is streamlined with the Case Management module. With the help of the Salesforce Einstein AI, each customer complaint or issue is automatically assigned to the agents best equipped to handle that particular issue. This also saves the company from leaving behind any queries unattended.

The module enables users to view every customer interaction with a company representative. Every single detail, be it an email, a note, a knowledge article, or even a voice message, it is kept well managed and recorded so that future issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. The module also allows users to be notified when an action is needed via an alert. Also, the case management module enables vendors to use email templates for their convenience.

Workflow And Approvals

This module allows automation of internal processes to reduce the time and effort spent on repetitive tasks. Workflow can speed up day-to-day operations by making email responses, task assignments, and field updates automatic.

The entire workflow can be designed using a simple drag-and-drop feature, without needing to involve coding and development. This is done in the process builder, where calls and emails can be made and records can be updated. Approvals can also be made easy by creating an ordered list of steps required to do a certain task, with details like what to do and whom to contact present at each step.

Omni-Channel Routing

Assign the right case and the right lead to the person best equipped to handle it. The administrators can configure the Salesforce Service Cloud to allocate work to company employees, based on their skill set or work experience. This assignment can also be done automatically. Employees can also keep updating their work assignments to ensure that urgent work is addressed well in time.

Administrators can also access the details about the way their employees are handling work. Time spent on certain tasks can be determined and trends such as the accept to decline ratio of new work assignments are also noted. Other information includes the average time taken by each employee to handle a task, or the average waiting time before a lead is handled.

Telephony Integration

Using the CTI (Computer To Telephony) technology, an employee’s average lead handling time can be improved and better customer service can be provided. The CTI enables users to get a quick notification describing the nature of a caller and the status of their current issue. Additionally, phone numbers can be accessed and dialed as easily as clicking a link. The calls are automatically kept track of and logged. Also, all of the above can be done right from the Salesforce platform and does not require users to involve their own mobile devices.

Self-Service Portal

One big advantage of the Salesforce Service Cloud is the emphasis on using a community or a knowledge base to allow clients to directly resolve issues. At the same time, the portal can be integrated directly into the platform to allow customers to carry out their activities without having to leave it to access the portal. On top of that, with Salesforce Einstein, the customers can be approached in a manner that is personalized and well suited to them. The help can be provided right within the Salesforce platform in the form of a chat or step-wise guidance. Further, the community is useful when it comes to customers helping each other out with similar issues.

Digital Communication

The Salesforce Service Cloud comes equipped with its fair share of communication choices. The Field Service Lightning allows the entire workforce to connect to the platform so as to keep the channels of communication open from phones to the actual field. The Mobile Messaging feature allows the call volume received by the company to be reduced and leads to a clearer exchange of issues and solutions. This, coupled with video chats and a live agent chat, never let any customer feel out of touch or ignored.

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