A detailed look at Salesforce Nonprofit CRM

By Robert Ulrich

The world of non-profit organizations is not free from management issues, communication barriers, and backlogs. In order for a non-profit organization to work effectively, it is essential for the team to seamlessly communicate with each other, efficiently work to gather supporters and beneficiaries and commit to the shared view of the organization.


Salesforce non-profit cloud offers a perfect remedy to this need by providing a single, well-connected platform that allows different departments that make up the team to connect with each other in their shared goal to give back. With an emphasis on improving fundraising techniques, project management as well as marketing strategies, the non-profit cloud aims to meet the unique needs of non-profits.


The Salesforce non-profit platform comes equipped with tools such as the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) which turns a regular business CRM platform to a Constituent Relationship Management system as well as foundationConnect. Without further ado, let’s dive in to see all that the Salesforce non-profit has to offer.

Fundraising Made Easy

The non-profit cloud focusses on the donors in an effort to make them feel like they are a part of the organization by virtue of their contributions. Building personalized, one-on-one relationships with the donors not only cultivate lasting relationships, but also enables the organization to attract more donors. One way to do so is to engage in direct contact with the donors over digital means of collecting funds, for example, the Salesforce Payment Services allow donors to easily transfer funds without putting in too much effort. 


Users can also leverage the data available to keep in regular touch with recurring donors and regularly update any changes in their information. With the help of the cloud, non-profits can easily manage their operations by viewing the total funds and their subsequent allocations all from a single interface. Additionally, users can seamlessly combine direct mail with their digital platform and expand their outreach as a result. To analyze the overall impact of the organization, intelligent and thorough reports can help non-profits plan ahead to keep their momentum going by making regular improvements.

Efficient Program Management

In order to run a successful fundraising campaign, organizers must be able to manage programs and adjust their services according to the needs of their clients. With the help of the program management module in the on-profit CRM platform, users can manage multiple programs simultaneously, regardless of their complexities, without losing track of their particulars. 


Another way to effectively manage programs is to keep in touch with donors at any time and from anywhere with the help of the Salesforce service cloud which makes the non-profits accessible from a multitude of platforms ranging from SMS to social media. Volunteers can also be kept in touch with using apps such as Volunteers for Salesforce available on the AppExchange.

Targeted Marketing and Engagement

Without the right marketing strategy, no non-profit can hope to gain sufficient funding. It is essential for the organization to spread its cause to just the right donors. For this purpose, the organization must get to know their constituents and build meaningful and lasting relationships with them. This can be achieved by studying the constituent data available and making inferences about them on the basis of the information. 


Non-profits can also leverage AI to determine which donors are likely to engage in which particular causes. This can be done even better via the journey builder application where users take donors through their entire journey with the organization, whilst staying in touch with them via multiple channels. 

Non-Profit Success Pack

The NPSP is the flagship CRM platform that is used by non-profit organizations in order to manage their day-to-day operations. On top of the regular Salesforce CRM features, NPSP enables teams across the organization to be able to share all the relevant information about donors and cohesively aim to further the cause of the non-profit. Teams like marketing, fundraising, and program management can pool in their data to collectively ensure that the right donor is being approached in the right way.


NPSP also assists users with the management of various types of programs as discussed earlier. Additionally, the Gift Entry feature enables users to enter large volumes of gifts in the system in a way that is fast, efficient, and reliable, whether the user chooses to enter in bulk or as single entries. All donations and incomes, as well as an overall analysis report, can be made available to the NPSP users who can then use the data available to them to make the changes required to keep moving successfully ahead.  


Grants can be managed by the non-profits using the foundationConnect tool, which provides an end-to-end solution for both grantors and grantees, in an effort to make the process more efficient and convenient. With the combination of the NPSP and the grant management system, users can have a complete 360-degree view of the organization, starting from grantees to vendors, and even the partners and the members. With additional email integration, users can access CRM data right from their email platforms. FoundationConnect also facilitates users with easy grant management and grant distribution, which involves the use of e-signatures for payments. 

Case Management

Case management allows non-profits to help guide donors through their journey with the organization by understanding their current position and guiding them through the future steps that are needed to be taken. The management is made easier by the case manager home page that gives out updated information as well as the ability to create personalized plans for each donor taking their individual case into consideration. 

Our Two Bits!

Salesforce non-profit cloud is the go-to solution for non-profit organizations when it comes to managing donations and programs. With such a comprehensive solution available, users can easily market their organization to reach just the right donors. RT Labs can help you tailor your non-profit cloud with its Salesforce customization services to further address your specific needs and boost overall efficiency. 


RT Labs, being an Official Salesforce Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including Salesforce Migration, Integration, Customisation, and Support.Contact Us today by filling out our contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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