Salesforce and Magento 2 Integration

By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce is one of the most powerful and popular CRM in the market right now. It is used by all kinds of businesses– small, medium, and large. Salesforce offers great marketing and sales management options. In addition to all of this, it allows you to use intelligent CRM through Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce already offers an array of options through Salesforce Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds. However, despite their brilliant and holistic models none of them caters to eCommerce. Salesforce and Magento’s integration is essential to enhance the potential of your business. It opens up the world of eCommerce and online shopping for your business. This is crucial for any business seeking to sustain the pandemic and stay relevant following the massive shift towards online business management. 

Getting to know Magento 2

Magento 2 is an open-source eCommerce platform that enjoys a significant share in the eCommerce market. More than 2 50,000 Magento users make it one of the most popular eCommerce platforms of 2020. Magento is one of the most highly customizable eCommerce platforms that can be used to reduce your cost and increase ROI. Once you adopt Magento 2 you will be able to benefit from the expertise of an ever-growing community of  Magento developers and users. You can get the best technical assistance and advice any time you want. 

What will you gain from integrating Magento with Salesforce? 

The integration comes with several benefits. Let’s take a look. 

Process your Orders quickly and seamlessly 

You can now store and manage copious amounts of information shared by your customers. Together, Salesforce and Magento make the process of handling online receipts easier as well. This ensures that your order processing is smooth and efficient. The client’s order information is synchronized with your inventories and all the logs are updated automatically. 

You can also maintain the record of wishlists, order history, abandoned carts, and recently viewed products. This makes the task of managing customer expectations and inclinations easy both for your sales and marketing teams. 

Synchronize your Inventories 

By integrating Magento 2 with Salesforce you can ensure that your existing product inventories are up to date. Through this integration, you can further ensure that your employees can cross-sell or up-sell the products to your clients. Magento essentially does magic on your website. You can attract greater traffic this way. At the same time, by using a creatively organized layout and interface you can increase your conversion rate.  

Shift to a Dynamic Marketing Strategy 

Salesforce provides one of the most powerful marketing tools to its users. It assists you in successfully running multi-channel and multi-pronged marketing campaigns. You can achieve exactly that with Salesforce Social Studio and Marketing Cloud. The campaigns can be segmented and tailored to the preferences of your customer base. Merging the power unleashed by Salesforce with an online store and great website development tools of Magento seems intuitive. Together, the two platforms will completely transform your marketing plans and increase their efficacy. 

Provide top-notch Customer Service

Salesforce and Magento integration allow you to provide excellent customer service. Since you will be managing all the cases from a single site and interface, you will be able to deal with individual clients at a faster pace. By synchronizing Magento and Salesforce, you will be able to provide a coherent and consistent experience to your clients. 

It is also easy to create separate modules for customers with Salesforce. Your company’s management can easily get a holistic view of interactions with clients in that module. At the same time Magento traces customer’s behavior so you have a 360- degree view of things on their side. This way you can preempt customer needs and will also need less time to resolve queries. 

Benefit from latest customizations 

The latest customizations can be utilized to bring your CRM up to speed. Salesforce, as a highly scalable CRM, will support your business during its expansion. Different customization options allow you to tailor your Magento and Salesforce to the needs of your company.

That is a Wrap! 

Salesforce is used both by B2B and B2C merchants. You can enhance the prospects of your existing business by integrating your Salesforce with Magento 2. This will give you the opportunity to run a smooth and efficient business online. Magento 2 further comes with a number of extensions, like the One Step Checkout extension, that will ensure that your online store is user-friendly and highly customizable. Furthermore, Magento 2 affords you the opportunity to sync your business seamlessly into the global market. A really popular integration on this front is Amazon and Magento integration. The fact that you can oversee all of these processes and much more from your SalesforceCRM only adds to the benefits of this integration.  If you are curious to learn now about scaling up your business through Salesforce and Magento 2 integration, you can always reach out to us. We are official Salesforce and Magento experts and can guide you through this process with ease.


RT Labs, being an Official Salesforce Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including Salesforce Migration, Integration, Customisation, and Support. Contact Us today by filling out our contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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