One Step Checkout by Magento 2

By Robert Ulrich

Magneto is an essential e-Commerce platform. As open-source software, it is easily accessible and exceptionally handy to develop and run e-Commerce websites. It comes with a set of handy customizations, integrations, and extensions. 


Today, we will be looking at one of the most useful extensions that can be added to Magento 2. The One Step Checkout extension by Magento is a great way to optimize your check-out page. It increases the conversion rate tremendously making your site more effective and efficient. At the same time, One Step Checkout is adaptable to all kinds of third party shipping and payment providers.         


Here is a quick overview of One Step Checkout by Magento

Important Features 

Develop Optimized Checkout Pages 

Slow or complicated checkout pages adversely affect the conversion rate. By using the extension alongside your Magento website you can easily optimize your checkout pages. The pages you create will be user friendly and visually appealing. Your Checkout page can adapt easily to different devices like mobile phones, laptops, and ipads. At the same time, pages created through this extension support multiple languages. This feature increases the usability and reach of your company. 


The option of advanced quick carts improves user experience especially when the customer is in a hurry. The default checkout pages only have a few standard fields but through the extension, you can add more fields to cater to individual customer’s needs. You can further enhance your customer’s experience by linking the address field with Google Maps. The established link would make it easier for the customer to find their precise location. At the same time, customers can also use the “Find Me” option to auto-generate their location.

Increase your page’s usability through multiple customizations

Page layout is already made compelling by using Magento’s extension. You can easily customize your page to suit your brand’s specific needs. The color, font style, font size, and images can all be adjusted according to the needs of your company. 


You can customize the size and placement of the fields in your check out page.  In addition to this, you can easily add a customized thank you page. Many companies use this opportunity to promote their cross-sell products on the thank you/task completion page. The best part is back-end coding is required to perform any of these tasks. 

Enhance your Comment Sections 

Where no comment section existed previously, you can now easily add an extra field that users can fill to provide details. Your customers can add comments about the requisition or simply give some suggestions about the handling of the material. 

Create Trustworthy Payment Gateways

The conversion rate on Checkout pages is usually reduced because customers do not trust the payment gateway or are wary of sending money through seemingly shady platforms. You can use the One Step Checkout to allot trust badges. This is bound to positively impact the client’s perception of your company and increase sales. 


Similarly, you can also use the Magento extension to link your Checkout page with third party payment gateways like Paypal, Mastercard, or Visa Card. By adding this functionality you can not only ensure a higher conversion rate but also tap into a broader customer base.  

Increase Customer Satisfaction through Add ons   

In online shopping, the checkout page is essentially the last interaction between your company and the client. You must absolutely use it to your advantage and leave the best possible impression on your customer. A sure way of doing this is by adding multiple Add ons on your page.


The options that are given by the One Step Checkout extension are exciting and will definitely contribute towards customer retention. The Add ons are of different types. Your customers can add gift wrappers to their delivery or even include customized messages for their loved ones. These two Add ons are bound to increase sales during the holiday or festive season. 


You can also invite your customers to sign up for the company’s newsletter or other promotional material. Additionally, you can ensure that your customers are familiar with the Terms and Conditions put up by the company. You can now add the terms and conditions to the checkout page too!  

Our Two Bits! 

Magento 2’s One Step Checkout extension can do absolute wonders for your check out page. It will not only improve the overall impression of your company but will also keep the customers coming back. It is an absolute essential. The best part of this extension is that now you can customize your page without requiring any back end coding.  You can also host a number of stores using the same extension. We at RT Labs would gladly assist you with Magento Customization Services and website development. In addition to this, we offer a number of other products that can increase the functionality of your website or CRM> 


Interested? RT Labs is a full-service Magento eCommerce platform development firm and our experts can make sure your e-commerce platform serves your business in every way possible. Contact Us today for a FREE Business Analysis session. 

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