New for Amazon Connect: Voice ID, Wisdom, and Outbound Communications

By Robert Ulrich

Last year during the AWS re-invent conference an Amazon representative spoke about new capabilities that will be added to Amazon connect. “Today, I am happy to announce the general availability of two of these capabilities, Voice ID and Wisdom, and the launch of a new one. High-volume outbound communications, as the name implies, the initiation and management of outbound communication over voice, SMS, or email.

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps you provide customer service at a relatively low cost. In just a few clicks you can set up and customize your contact center, so agents can begin assisting customers as soon as possible through machine learning and AI.

Amazon Connect Wisdom

Wisdom reduces the time agents may potentially spend searching for solutions. Now, when agents require access to information to help a customer, they lose time attempting to navigate different data sources.

When using wisdom, agents simply enter a question or phrase in their agent desktop application, Wisdom searches connected repositories and returns the most relevant information and the best solution that solves the customers problem

Wisdom. Also makes use of real time call transcripts allowing Amazon to automatically detect customer issues during calls and to recommend relevant content stored across connected knowledge repositories, without requiring agents to spend the time to enter the desired question.

Wisdom does this by connecting to knowledge repositories with built-in connectors for third-party applications including salesforce as well as service now. You can also ingest content from other knowledge stores using the various wisdom ingestion APIs

Amazon Connect Voice ID

Customers were used to regularly going through an authentication procedure when calling a contact center. Voice ID simplifies this to make interactions more efficient and secure. It uses machine learning to provide real time caller authentication based on the caller’s voice.

To effectively authenticate the caller, Voice ID is required to learn how the customer speaks. Although this sounds like an extremely difficult task, it only requires 30 seconds of voice recording for the software to permanently recognize the caller

As a user contacts a customer service center again, Voice ID compares the sound of his voice with the one recognized in an earlier recording. This is the verification phase, where it takes between 5-10 seconds of speaking for the caller to be authenticated.

High-Volume Outbound Communications

In most cases contact centers are designed to solely receive calls. However, in certain instances call centers may need to send outbound communications as well, to call back customers to inform them regarding the progress of their issue, to confirm an appointment, to renew a subscription or to inform them about a new product/service.

The Vast Majority of outbound communications are phone calls. Call Center agents are accustomed to an inefficient procedure, they dial the number provided by a customer management system and wait for the customer to answer, only 10% of calls are answered

Amazon’s Outbound Communication service uses a predictive dialer, and all the call centers are required to do is connect a contact queue to the system. The predictive dialer uses metrics such as expected pick up rates and the number of agents available to respond to the number of calls. When a call is answered it begins to detect if a human is on the call, calls answered by humans are redirected to an available agent.

Amazon Connect not only adds high-volume outbound communication capabilities for phone calls but also for SMS, and email. Amazon Connect comes with pre-built connectors for importing customer contact lists from an external system.

To ensure a fair usage of the high-volume outbound communication capability, you must apply for production access to use the predictive dialer as well as the services for SMS and Email. You may submit a request to Amazon detailing your cases and business contact, which will be used to validate your legitimacy as a sender. Once access is granted, Amazon Connect continuously monitors your usage and Amazon preserves the right to revoke access to the services if fraud is suspected.

Pricing and Availability

One of the best aspects of the new services amazon is providing is its pricing. There are no upfront costs or minimum usage fees, and users are only required to pay for how much of the service is being used: Amazon has set up a price per minute of outbound calls and a price per SMS and Email. The Amazon connect pricing page comprises all the up to date details regarding pricing.

Regional Availability, However, slightly differs for each of the three new services:

Amazon Wisdom: US West (Oregon), US East (N. Virginia), Europe (London), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Asia Pacific (Sydney).

Voice ID: US West (Oregon), US East (N. Virginia), Europe (London), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Sydney)

High volume outbound communication: US East (N. Virginia), Europe (London), and US West (Oregon). More Regions will be added when it will be generally available.


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